Thursday, August 29, 2013

So Next Week...

As many of you lovely readers know, I make the trek to Atlanta every Labor Day weekend for Dragon*Con. (If you're not familiar with this enormous celebration of all things geeky with a sci-fi edge, check it out here: ) This year will be my... I want to say 13th? Something like that.

I'm driving there from DC, so it's not that bad. Only 11 hours or so. In any case, I'm leaving in just two hours.

NEXT WEEK: I plan to be here to tell you guys about some of the things I did, saw, and (hopefully) didn't get arrested for. I have plenty of bail money, though. Just in case. *hee*

If I can figure out my phone-camera thingy, I may even have some pictures to accompany the post! Woot! :P

So I guess I'll see you guys next week. And if you're in or near Atlanta this weekend, swing by and experience the madness for yourselves! :D

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