Thursday, September 5, 2013

As Promised!!! (What the heck happened at Dragon*Con and why does it matter? LOL)

Well, I'm actually keeping my word and posting again, post-con. *grins*

I may have mentioned last week that this was my 11th Dragon*Con, and I have to say that -- room-drama and friend-drama aside -- it was definitely one of the best!

I actually attended panels I wasn't sitting on, this year, and one of those was the HUSBANDS panel, which was chaired by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell (aka Cheeks). Janina Gavankar, who also starred in True Blood and Arrow, was there for a brief period, as well, as she is apparently in the new season of HUSBANDS (playing the neighbor of Cheeks and Brady). She was also on the True Blood panel I attended, of course. *hee*

I can't even begin to tell you all exactly what was said, but there was more going on than just HUSBANS-oriented talk. In fact, there was a rather extended discussion about I DREAM OF JEANIE and BEWITCHED, with regards to how they were corollaries to the societal changes occurring at the time. After the panel was finished, I had the opportunity to talk with Jane Espenson and Brad Bell for a very brief few moments. I also had the chance to snap this!

How unfair is it that they can look so good without loads of makeup? TOTALLY UNFAIR, right? *grins*

So in addition to attending panels (as I think I said), I also sat on a few of them. One was about the issues with pronouns in M/M fiction. Another was about when and where to submit your works. Another, however, was called GLBT in SF/F.

ALL of these were incredibly fun to participate in, to be honest, but the last one -- the GLBT in Science Fiction & Fantasy one -- completely blew my mind, and not merely because it was very lively. Part of my lingering excitement (okay, maybe most of it) is because THIS lady was also on the panel.

For those who may not recognize this incredible woman, who is also a remarkably prolific author, you now know what Mercedes Lackey looks like at 1 a.m. after a late-ass panel during which I was possibly a bit mouthy. The words "throbbing cock" and "exploding chicken" may or may not have left my lips. Hahaha!

The point is... I was ON A PANEL at DRAGON*CON with MERCEDES LACKEY!!! How the fuck did THAT happen? And she was incredibly nice to everyone and didn't seem to hold my rambling nature against me, so I'm calling it a win. *hee*

To be fair, I was also on that panel with the lovely and talented Kiernan Kelly, my good friend Kage Alan, and a few other people. But the important part is that I was on a panel with Mercedes Lackey!

Her series about Vanyel (Magic's Pawn, Magic's Promise, Magic's Price) and his life/relationship drama stunned me when I first read it and continues to do so every time I re-read. And I was on a panel with her? JFC!

I can now die with a smile on my face. You know... assuming I decide to die at some point. :D

Let's see... what else?

Oh, I went to a couple of Lost Girl panels, too. If you haven't been watching this series, you need to start! The main character is bisexual (a succubus) and there are apparently Fae all over the place! LOL The guys who play Dyson (the werewolf), Hale (the male siren), and Vex (the Mesmer-- meaning he can make you do whatever he wants with his weird-ass hypno-skills) were amazingly fun, even while hungover. Or possibly due to that very thing (not entirely sure which).

As always, John Barrowman was a hoot... and possibly not kid-friendly because he has a mouth on him like a sailor. Of course, any parents taking their kids to a Barrowman Q&A would have known that, so... whatever! *grins*

And that's what I've been up to for the last week or so. How about you?

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