Sunday, September 15, 2013

Better Anal Sex, and an Upcoming Release (ha!)

(Disclaimer: I'm writing this post under the influence of migraine medication. Proceed at your own risk. Love, Ellis)

Before anybody gets worried, I'm not actually about to profess any kind of authority on the subject of anal sex. Actually, as someone who only has access to "the equipment" on a sometimes basis, I know I'm no authority. I am always looking to improve my knowledge on the subject of the male prostate and tackle because I've looked stupid plenty of times, particularly in the beginning of my career. The stupid author that drove Damon Suede to write his authoritative "Numb Shots" article back in 2011? Yeah, I was that asshole. Learn from my mistakes, folks.

Lemme tell you, just when I feel like I have a handle on things? One of my guy friends gives me a piece of info that makes me go "Huh...well that's interesting." Now sure, maybe this is a topic about which I go overboard. Maybe it's my inner voyeur using authorial accuracy as an excuse to do a lot of research on what goes on with guys' butts, or maybe it's because those questions about women and their ability to write gay sex worth a damn chapped my ass. Maybe it's because as an author and as a reader, I believe that a reader has to stay rooted in reality in order to suspend their disbelief while reading fiction. Nothing pulls me out of a story like the jarring moment when I think: "waaaaiit a minute...that's not right!"

Wow, I totally woke up with my ranty-pants on this morning. Terribly sorry. But research is sexy and I'm sticking to my 9mm on this one.

So. Recently Alix Bekins recommended this book on prostate pleasure, and then while descending some weird research rabbit hole I found it referenced again, in this video by adult film star Colby Keller. A flip-through of the preview looks intriguing and the reviews are very good, so my early assessment is that this is a guide worth reading. I've looked at many and bought few, but this is going on my TBR. Moreover, these informational "get in bed" videos are fucking great. Worth watching, IMO, even if you don't have your very own on-board penis. Topics covered range from manual stimulation technique, to intangibles like communication and intimacy, which apply to any sort of relationship whether you're talking real-world or fiction. Check it out:,


One final thing: I wanted to put in a plug (I said plug. I'm channeling my inner 12 year old today) for my upcoming novel, Stripped Clean. You can check out the blurb and add it to Goodreads, here, and Enchantress of Books is doing an official cover reveal blitz on October 17th! If you have a blog and would be so kind as to help me spread the love that day, I'd be joyously grateful. The cover art was done by the adorable and talented Pickyme, who also did the sexy cover for my dream-state BDSM short, Yes, Sir (which is still free for a limited time on Amazon and Barnes & Noble if you'd like to get in on that action).

Happy Sunday! Big squishy hugs and kisses.


  1. Anal sex is natural / normal in spite of what some folks (mostly straight folks) believe. Even straight men who are secure in their own sexuality will admit they love anal stimulation, even if that comes from another man. (No, that does not make the straight man gay!) Superbly developed male buttocks were created for more than lusty eyeballing. The anus is an erogenous pleasure zone to be pleasured to its fullest, ultimately bringing the man inserted with another man's cock to organism. Ideally, both will cum at the same time.