Friday, September 6, 2013

I Am Still Alive! And Reporting on My New Novel...

Okay, so writing, the thing I have always wanted to do, and LOVE to do, is a TON of work. Especially when your publisher wants three to four novels a year! 

And you work a forty-hour a week job. 

So you are working like eighty hours a week… 


I love to write and I wouldn’t change that for the world, but OH for same-sex benefits so I could quit the horrid evil day job! 

So tired.… But loving almost every minute of this new life. 

Okay!  So here is the news. 

This Monday, September 9th, my new novel, “Anything Could Happen,” will be released! 

It is a spin-off of “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold.” Not really a sequel as some of events in both books take place simultaneously. But you do find out a little bit more about Todd (from TBWCIFTC) and you find out Austin’s side of the story. 

Remember that part of the reason that Todd ran away from his tiny little town is that Austin seduced him and he couldn’t deal with what they did. Austin meanwhile regrets his actions and moves to Kansas City in hopes of finding the man he loves.   

Here is the blurb.… 

Moving to Kansas City could be the best thing Austin Shelbourne has ever done. For a start, he can stop living a lie and finally come out of the closet. And there's a chance, though slim, that he might be able to locate the love of his life, Todd Burton. It had seemed like a good idea when he seduced his friend, but Todd freaked out and vanished. Austin hopes to find Todd, make things right between them, and win his love. But when he meets actor Guy Campbell, things get even more confusing.  

The moment Guy sets eyes on Austin, he knows Austin is The One. But Austin makes it clear he feels a responsibility to Todd, and Guy has some dark secrets of his own. He’s found redemption in acting and directing, but worries that if Austin learns the truth, he might not be able bear it. And what if Todd accepts Austin's apology and the love Austin offers? Guy wants Austin desperately, but he also wants him to be happy. In the play of life, with the happiness of good men in the balance, anything could happen. 

Advance word on the book is good! Check out Amos Lassen review right here:
So! I hope you will check it out. I adore the cover by Aaron Anderson. It is just as gorgeous as his work on TBWCIFTC. 
The book, both in ebook format and paperback, is available here both for preorder and normal order on Monday:

And I promise promise promise to be more regular here. It is a great blog and I want to do it proud!

BG Thomas

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