Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's that time of year again!

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Time for the annual Torquere Charity Sip Blitz! This year's charitable organization is SLDT,

There are many "charity" anthologies and stories out there, all of which are for good causes, but Torquere was one of the very first gay romance publishers to put one together. Authors write the stories and donate all their royalties to the cause and Torquere matches the amount, dollar for dollar. Over the years, Torquere and it's authors have raised thousands of dollars for worthy charities like It Gets Better and Doctors without Borders.

This year, the organization chosen to receive the benefits of the Blitz is OutServe-SLDN. For anyone not familiar with OutServe-SLDN, they are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing legal services and support to LGBT military individuals and families, as well as working toward equal representation and benefits.

That said, the theme for this year was, of course, "Men in Uniform." Yum! Who doesn't love some muscular Marine-loving, or a little Navy naughtiness?

My story for the Blitz is actually a bit of a historical. It's titled "The Immoral Use of Rubber," and takes place during World War II.

The title inspired the story, and has a little bit of history behind it. During WWII, the army was in dire need of raw materials during the war effort, and there was a well-publicized scrap drive going on - aluminum, iron, steel, silk, cooking fat, and rubber. It was considered your patriotic duty to do without in order to donate what you had of these materials to the drive (for example, women did without silk stockings, choosing to paint black lines up the back of their legs as faux seams). Anyway, during WWII, condoms were routinely put in soldier's packs as part of their basic kits. Certain religious took umbrage with that, calling the inclusion of condoms in soldiers' kits "an immoral use of rubber."

The quote stuck with me, and when I was trying to come up with a premise for this year's charity story, it jumped up and starting waving it's little inspiration-y arms. Here's the blurb for "The Immoral Use of Rubber":

The year is 1943, and Colin knows society and his family fully expect him to get married, but he is not as enthusiastic as everyone else over the prospect of settling down. In fact, the very idea of bedding a wife makes him physically ill, so he’s overjoyed when he received his draft notice. It will give him at least a temporary reprieve from the altar.  

At boot camp, he meets Jake, a big Texan with a warm smile and a hot, wet mouth. They hit it off immediately, and as they share stolen moments together wherever they can, their feelings for one another deepen.

Soon enough, though, cold reality sets in when the horrors of war threaten to tear their lives, and hearts, apart on a bullet-strewn beach in Normandy. 

Now a slightly naughty excerpt from "The Immoral Use of Rubber"

He'd heard a story soon after he arrived at Dix that gave him nightmares for a week. It supposedly happened back in early '42, just a couple of months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Two privates were caught with their pants down -- literally. One was sucking the other's dick. The GI who told the story didn't know their names, what camp they were at, or who found them out, but he said they were reported AWOL that same night. Then the next morning, police found their bodies in a ditch five miles outside of the camp. Their cocks were never found at all.

Colin didn't doubt it was true. The guys joked all the time about homosexuals, calling each other "fairy" or "faggot," but he could hear the undertone of hostility and hate in the banter. If the men ever found out he and Jake were anything more than just friends, they might end up in a ditch, too.

The first time had happened almost by accident. Neither of them had planned it. They'd just returned from a three-mile run when they were tagged by Sarge to unload a couple of supply trucks. By the time they were done, they were sweaty, smelly, and sure to draw the ire of Sarge if they showed up in the mess hall the way they were. They had some time before the dinner bell, so they hit the showers.

God, the water felt so good, hot and slick against his skin! He soaped up, but as he turned to rinse off, he found himself staring at Jake. For several long minutes, he was spellbound.

Jake was big all over. Colin knew this, had seen Jake naked many times before, but somehow, alone in the showers with him, watching soapy water follow the contours of Jake's body, and drip off the end of his erect penis...

It took a minute for the reality of that to sink in. Jake had an erection. A big, thick hard on, and the sight of it sent a shiver up Colin's spine, and blood surging into his own dick. He risked a glance at Jake's face. The hungry expression on it was unmistakable.


  1. ...I think that is the greatest source of a story title that I've come across.

    With such a light title, you're not going to rip our hearts out with the ending, are you? ;-]

  2. looks like other people give you a hard time for making them cry!!!! HAHAHA.

    Be Strong of Heart! We can take it!!!

    but try not to listen to KP on book titles anymore - that pizza one made me spit my coffee out - and it was a damn good cup of coffee!