Monday, September 23, 2013

My Puppy by Cardeno C.

Almost two months ago I adopted an adorable puppy. As you can see, she's about 75% ears.

A sweeter dog you'll never meet. She is cuddly and funny and nobody has ever been as excited to see me walk in the door. After some work, she has learned to play fetch with a cat-sized tennis ball and she can jump onto the bed (this took serious effort given her itty bitty legs).

And she is very well behaved. Really. She doesn't even bite on furniture. Okay, almost never.

The one issue I've had with my new puppy is potty training. It has taken me close the breaking point a time or two. She means well and is eager to please, but the little thing doesn't seem to understand the concept of inside versus outside. Or, for that matter, bed versus outside. Needless to say, my washing machine has been getting quite the workout.

Enter Mary Calmes to the rescue. Wonderful Mary spent hours scouring the web for the best dog training books available and thanks to her my adorable puppy is two days into no accidents in the house. I'm thinking of getting one of those OSHA signs with the number of days with no accidents. Seriously.

So, a big THANK YOU to the always wonderful Mary from me, the puppy, and the water company.



  1. Awww. She's so adorable. Little dogs are notorious for needing more help with the potty training, I'm glad you're finding solutions. Thanks for sharing!!! Hugs and cuddles to you both. :)

  2. è bellissimo!
    ho lo stesso problema con la mia cagnolina! mia madre è buffissima: cerca di spiegarle a parole cosa deve fare! non funziona. ci siamo arresi! imparerà. forse.