Friday, October 25, 2013

GayRomLit 2013 Report

OMGosh!  OMGosh!  OMGosh!  OMGosh!  OMGosh! 

What a wonderful, wonderful event!

From beginning to end it was simply If you weren't there, please attend in the future. You will not regret it!

My first session was on Romantic Comedy with Ethan Day and Zam Maxfield and it was terrific! They are comedic geniuses and I learned a LOT and was thrilled to realize I did a whole lot right with my first novel "All Alone in a Sea of Romance." Next was "Romance and the City: Developing Setting" with Kate McMurray. WOW! Awesome class! AWESOME! Then I took a nap!
So the next class I took was on marketing and it was led by Jay aka Joyfully Jayand Lori Bell. Those are two SMART women! Then "Who Are You? Take Control of Your Author Brand" led by Tara Laing & Ariel Tachna. I learned so much! Thank you ladies! Finally there was the amazing Amy Lane and her talk on "Characters in Five Dimensions." All I could think about was how incredible it must have been to be a student in one of her classes when she was a teacher. I know she changed lives. For the good.


Dinner was at the Melting Pot. I've never been. And to get to go with Ariel,Anne Regan, Nessa Warin and Shannon C. Shell was so nice. And the food! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!


Then it was off to Club Bliss to see naked dancing boys.  You know I HATED that!
The next day Poppy Dennison let me eat her beaver right before we went to lunch!
A whole bunch of the Dreamspinner Press writers went to a place called the West Egg for lunch today. Lex organised it and it was fun. Sat with Rick R. Reed and Lily Velden and JoAnn Fox and had a wonderful time! New friends!! I had fried green tomato BLT w/ pimento cheese spread, a side of real Southern garlicky grits along with a cocktail called a Pimm's Cup (gin-based with ginger beer, fruit juices, and spices). Just loverly!

Opening ceremonies was very nice. The food was pretty good too, and plentiful as well. Bruschetta, some kind of pork on a stick (very good) and chicken on a stick (quite good), veggies on a stick and more. And next year GayRomLit is in Chicago!

Got to spend some time with the loverly Elisa of Elisa Reviews and the wondrous head of the Rainbow Awards. She looked elegant in her gown!
And then I was off to the event with the hot Charlie Harding hosting!  (don't worry, I got permission from my husband for the kiss!)
The next day was full with panels and author talks and readings. Great fun. Then that night was the big dress up night with the Dreamspiner Press hosted Once Enchanted Evening. Incredible!!!
This is the Dreamspinner crew, Shannon C. Shell, Andrew Grey, Nessa Warin, Ariel Tachna, Anne Regan and me! 

Here I am with my good friend Rick R Reed!  (the R stands for Romance!)


And I didn't even mention that paint-the-porn-star event hosted by JP Barnaby or the amazing dinner earlier in the evening.

The next night included Mary Macs, a place with authentic Southern cooking!  WOW! I had chicken fried chicken, tomato pie, collard greens, mashed potatoes, and peace cobbler! OMGosh!

And there is so much I am not even telling you about!

One of the most powerful things was meeting the readers and finding out how our stories and words effect people. It is incredibly moving and gratifying and humbling as well.

Needless to say I will be going to GRL for years to come!


Me and JP Barnaby
Guess who this is?  It is Heidi Cullinan!

My good friend Mary Calmes with her very handsome husband!
Zahra Owens!  I just love her!

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