Friday, October 11, 2013

So This Time Next Week I Will be at GayRomLit!

So this time next week I will be at GayRomLit!

And I am counting the minutes. It is going to be amazing.

I am so exited by the authors that are going to be there. Excited by the readers. I'll meet so many new people and hug people I've been getting to know the last three and a half years.

I have been so blessed by this genre.

Male Male Romance.

I waited a long time to be able to write what I know, what I am, what I feel.

It all started with a mummy of all things. And it went from there, story after story after story.

And what an amazing wonderful thing it is to have so many people appreciate what I'm doing.

I don't do it for the applause or the emails or the good reviews or the wonderful sweet emails.

But boy is it nice.

Thank you Elizabeth North for helping me make my dreams come true.

Thank you all for all your support, and belief.

And I hope to meet you or see you again next week!

Peace and Love,

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