Monday, October 7, 2013

Writing - the Hard Parts and the Less Hard Parts by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! In my quest to blog weekly, I asked for help with ideas and questions. Today I'm answering the question of which types are scenes are easiest to write and which are most difficult. I'm translating that into which are the hard scenes and which are the less hard scenes.

Right off the bat, I'll confess that I like writing sex scenes. I find that describing the physical connection between characters - the way they come together and their reactions to those couplings - is a very powerful way to express their relationship dynamic and bond. I'd love to know if you agree.

Now on to the harder (for me) stuff. I write with the goal of bringing my characters to good, healthy, happy places in their lives and making my readers smile and feel warm fuzzies. Because of that, it's probably no surprise that I enjoy writing scenes where my characters are mushy, sweet, and connected. The opposite of that is true too  - writing about times when my characters are tortured and distraught about life's events is very difficult, particularly when the characters handle those circumstances in a harsh way and are the ones inflicting stress on one another.

This type of behavior has come up in a few books, but never more than with the complex character of Asher in Something in the Way He Needs. Writing Asher was very difficult, particularly in the scenes where he treated his love in a way that was beyond disrespectful. My hope is that through those interactions, we can see who Asher is, temper, insecurities and all, that we can recognize his flaws and short-comings, and most of all that we can see how Daniel reacts to them and realize that though neither man is easy to live with, they see in each other something they need. Because while there is no doubt that Asher Penaz is far from a perfect man, Daniel sees that Asher is perfect for him.

So although writing the scenes where a character trips in his choices, particularly those choices as they relate to his love interest, is difficult for me, I think for some characters and in some books, those scenes are also the most important because they demonstrate the layers of the man, who he is inside. And also because, through witnessing the reactions of the love interest to those behaviors and interactions, we're able to see who he is, what he wants in a relationship and, of course, it sets us on a path to their working together to resolve the rough patches and walk into the happily ever after sunset.

I'd love to hear what you think about my opinions on writing scenes and also about which scenes you most/least enjoy reading. And, of course, I'd love any and all questions/ideas for future blog posts.

I hope you have a terrific week.



  1. Personal preference but I *love* reading scenes of deep angst like the one you were describing in Something in the Way He Needs. I love the interaction between the characters, especially Daniel setting future boundaries about this issue. It may have been a laborious scene for you but it paid of in emotional intensity for this reader!

    1. Thanks, J9. I really appreciate that.