Friday, December 27, 2013

Hound Dog and Bean! For Lovers of Animals and Coffee!

Hello Constant Reader! 

I am pleased to announced the scheduled release of "Hound Dog and Bean." 

Boy, oh boy, am I proud of this book!  Proud and can be! 

Here is the blurb: 

There's been little love in H.D. "Hound Dog" Fisher's life since the death of his beloved mom when he was a boy. Bounced around the foster care system, he ran away as soon as he could… and took the foster dog with him. As far as he's concerned, only dogs have no ulterior motive, never hold a grudge, and offer unconditional love. Now he helps run a no-kill shelter and leaves relationships where they belong: in the back room.  

"Bean" Alexander settled in Kansas City to open his coffee shop after years of traveling. He never expected to open his heart too. When a man with a grudge takes a swing at H.D. while in line at Bean's shop, Bean jumps to intervene.  

So taking a hit for H.D. gets Bean noticed, and H.D. feels obligated to pay a debt. But then the unexpected happens. A series of misadventures causes H.D. to open up—but falling in love makes him turn tail and run. 

Trust is a tough road to travel. Will good friends, a dog named Sarah Jane, and a bit of folk magic be enough to bring Hound Dog and Bean a happy ending?

"Hound Dog and Bean" was inspired by two things. First, my love of animals and especially a teeny tiny furry little girl who lives with me. I got her at Gay Pride in Kansas City six years ago and she is a light in my heart and my life. It is obvious that she was severally abused for it was two years before I could reach down to pat her head and she didn't flinch! She is a dachshund and Yorkshire terrier mix and weighs only ten pounds. How could anyone abuse her? They could have easily killed her! How can anyone hurt any animal, especially one so sweet and full of love and life and who is so defenseless?

For that reason, through December 31st and midnight (EST) all proceeds to preorders on this book go to the ASPCA. It is some small way for me to say thanks for all they do, and for rescuing and saving my sweet Sarah Jane until the day she came into my life and my heart.

The second thing that inspired this book is coffee.


I working a grueling and exhausting Evil Day Job for a company that treats its employees like Hebrew slaves. I work 12-hour shifts and the hardest work I've ever done in my life. The benefits are few and far between. What does this have to do with the price of coffee beans in Guatamala? 

Well, I quickly found I had to do something to even get up in the mornings and it looked like coffee was the way to go. I didn't care for it much and could barely get it down--had to add lots of sweetener and creamer. I was talking about it once in my live journal (remember Live Journal??) and a friend commented that the reason I didn't like coffee was that I wasn't drinking good coffee. 

"What's the difference?" I asked. 

She explained a lot over the coming days, but mostly let me know that I should be drinking coffee made from Arabica beans and should get my coffee from a local roaster if possible, something roasted in the last few days if possible and told me how to do it. 

So I thought, what the hell, and gave it a try. And OMG!!!  Viva la difference! 

I started getting my coffee from an amazing place a few miles from my house called The Roasterie.  This changed my coffee drinking life.

Then I found a place a mile from my house called Oddly Correct!  And that was it!  They prepare cups of coffee by the cup!  It takes longer but you are drinking coffee that was roasted sometimes that day or the day before. You are drinking coffee made from beans from small farmers or cooperatives and you are supporting small families who's farms might be no bigger than your own backyard, and together will all their local neighbors, the beans go from some third-world country to your cup.


See?  This is a barista from Oddly Correct make one cup of coffee! It takes a little longer but oh my God! is there a difference!

All this came together. I wanted to write a book about no-kill animal shelters and I wanted to write a book about a small Third Wave coffee shop. And I realized the two books could and should be ONE book!

And so came "Hound Dog and Bean."

I hope you will check it out. And remember, all proceeds through the end of 2013 go to the ASPCA!

Love and light to you all in this coming New Year!  And may 2014 be the best in your entire life!
And remember this too!
Leap and the net will appear!
BG Thomas

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