Monday, April 7, 2014

Song Inspirations by Cardeno C. (Quatro)

Happy Monday! Today I'm continuing my posts about song inspirations.

Eight Days
Inspiration: "White Flag" by Dido

Eight Days is a novella about two boys whose families are close friends - studious, quiet Josh and popular, athletic Maccabe. When Maccabe realizes his friend is attracted to him and he feels the same in return, he first hides in fear and then succumbs to passion, but with youth come mistakes and Maccabe's is not realizing the value of what he had until long after he lost it. 

Though the years pass, the love both men feel for each other doesn't fade and by the time Maccabe finally matures enough to ask the right questions and listen to the answers, he is on the proverbial sinking ship. Too much time has passed. He has made too much of a mess, destroyed their relationship in painful ways, and did enough damage to justify Josh's years of silence and insistence that they're over. But when Maccabe puts his single-minded focus on something, he won't surrender or wave the white flag, he will win. And in this story, he finally realizes a life with the man he'll always love is the ultimate prize. 

Song Inspiration: "Chasing The Sun" by the Wanted

Until Forever Comes is a novel in my Mates series about Ethan a young, ill shifter who realizes his mate is an ancient, dangerous vampire and Miguel, an intelligent, blood-thirsty vampire who realizes his salvation comes in the form of a spirited young wolf. Ethan has never been right in the eyes of his pack. He is a shifter who can't shift, something that shouldn't happen. Being different and physically weak has given him more than his share of sadness and pain, but it also gave him something rare among his people - the ability to look past what's supposed to be and see what is. Ethan has lived his whole life in a way that doesn't make sense by shifter law, so when he learns he is mated to a male and a vampire at that, he manages to look past the complications that block stronger shifters and see the simple truth: Miguel is his mate.

That mating saves both men, bonding their bodies and making each of them stronger. Through their connection and love, they give each other life. A vampire and a wolf mated, it shouldn't have been possible, that day shouldn't have come. But it did and instead of running away from it, they embraced it and got to live a not-quite eternal life where a shifter can finally shift and a vampire can see the sun.

Inspiration: "The One That Got Away" by Katy Perry

Finally, I wrote about my inspiration for In Another Life in another blog post. I'll link it here so it makes my official song inspiration posts.

I hope you have a terrific week.


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