Monday, April 21, 2014

Song Inspirations (Cinco) & More Giveaways by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! It's a busy writing and life day today so I'm doing a quick post with one song inspiration and links to giveaways of Control, my cowritten shifter book with Mary Calmes.

Song Inspiration

Walk with Me
Inspiration: "Walk With Me" by Neil Young

Walk with Me is about two men of faith who after many years walking together through the journey of life as friends, finally find their way to a walk down the aisle. There was never a question that Eli and Seth loved each other unconditionally, had faith in one another,  and wouldn't let each other down, but they had to grow individually before they were ready to share themselves in a new way. 

The book was also a goodbye from me to the Home series and my friends in the Emile City. Seth and Eli had small appearances in several of the books, but they had a larger role in my head all along. I saved my dear (imaginary) friends for the finale and I could think of no better inspiration for them than Neil Young. Usually I just include lyrics in these song inspiration posts, but I think this one deserves a video.

Control Giveaways

Joyfully Jay
Love Bytes
Sinfully Sexy Books

If you want to see reviews for Control, I have some posted on my website

Hopefully next week I can get it together enough to do a longer song inspiration post. Fingers crossed. Have a wonderful week.


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