Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Little Summer Reading List

I just got back from a get-together where I got to spend time talking books, which is one of my favorite topics. I love sharing book recommendations, so I figured for my post this evening I'd make a list of the stuff I'd read lately that I enjoyed--just in case anybody else out there is looking for some new stuff to read. I know I always am.

  • Wood, Screws, & Nails - Kade Boehme and Piper Vaughn 
  • Blame it on the Mistletoe - Eli Easton (NA)
  • Silent - Sara Alva (YA)
  • Parting Shot - Mary Calmes 
  • Beckoning Blood - Daniel De Lorne (caution, this one is super dark)
  • Better Than Friends - Lane Hayes 
  • Frat Boy and Toppy - Anne Tenino
Got some good ones? I'd love to hear. 

Happy reading, 

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