Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ask Andrew - From Idea to Publication

Dear Andrew

How long does it take from idea to publication?


Dear M. I.

Thank you for your questions. I chose to answer this one now and hopefully I can get to the others eventually.  For me, the idea often comes when I'm working on another story.  I let it stew and mull it over as I'm working on a different story.  Sometimes, they come to me fully formed and other time the ideas take a while to settle into a story.  I do have a notebook and record the ideas so I don't lose them.  I will admit that some ideas don't take root while others hit me like a load of bricks. 

Once an idea really catches on, I form the basics of the story idea and then it waits for its turn to be told.  Depending on where I am in my writing, that can be one to two months.  Once I start work on a story, the actual writing takes me about three weeks or so to complete the initial draft.  Then I go on to another story and let that one clear from my mind.  Beta readers get a chance to look at it, and then I make revisions and begin the process of preparing the story for submission.  The post writing process takes about a month and then I submit.

Basically, the story I an writing right now is for March of 2015.  I like to be working eight to nine months ahead of publication.  I can tell you that this varies by author.  Some need pressure and work closer to deadline.  I like to avoid that if possible. 

Hugs and love always

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