Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ask Andrew - My First Sex Question

Dear Andrew,

Now you did say any question so here it goes, I've only read it mentioned in one book I read but I haven't read it mentioned in any other since. Okay, yes I'm stalling not asking directly, lol.  Here it goes, after anal sex is there a lot of gas that comes after wards or any other unpleasantness?? I remember once having sex that way a long time ago and the only thing I remember was have very lose stool after wards and the whole experience was enough for me not to repeat. :-) Is there any truth to that?? I suppose I could Google this but can you imagine my family looking back at the history on our computer, try explaining that curious question. Lol.  Hopefully these are some of the questions you meant if not, how embarrassing!

Tammy S

Dear Tammy S

Yes, I did mean any question and you have nothing to be embarrassed about whatsoever.  And for the record - yay - my first butt sex question.  Let's start with the fact that sex is often messy and rarely is it as neat, flawless, and completely romantic is most authors make it seem in our books.  With that said, let's talk about some of the other stuff.  Okay, gas can be a side effect of anal sex.  When the penis is inserted and then with the movement during sex, that can allow air up into the body which after a time will be expelled.   Its that simple. 

There can be other 'unpleasantness' as well.  The muscles can often feel loose and will need a chance to tighten up.  Also, remember that we are all subject to the simple laws of gravity, whatever goes up, must come down.  That means that any emissions, I love that word.  It makes me think of talks young boys used to have with priests about things that so squirt in the night.  Anyway, back to t e butt sex.  The successful results of anal sex will result in the semen coming out as well.  These are normal processes and something you come to expect and deal with. 

When we all become sexually active, we learn things about our bodies.  We know how they behave and react to certain stimulus and we learn the results afterwards, both ecstatic and fun, or sometimes cleanuppy.  Its all part of the experience.  :)

Hugs and Love

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  2. Great response to the question.

  3. Great answer to a question I'm sure many folks wanted answered but were afraid to ask. Thanks.

  4. SO - I've read that not every m/m couple engages in anal sex, but it seems to be in almost all of the books I've read. Is there a reason? My inner sociologist wants to say that it's heteronormative to attract women readers, but that's only the reason I came up with inside my head.

  5. I've always been curious about anal sex because it just seemed to clean. I know in the BDSM books they clean out so the mess stays at a minimum. I still love your books Andrew as you do not make a big deal of it. It is just another way to say I love you and to be close. Regular sex its messy and you can have gas also. I always said this is why washcloths and towels were made. Thank you for sharing.