Monday, June 23, 2014

My Name is Cardeno C. and I Write Romance

My name is Cardeno C. and I write romance.

Whew! Feels good to get that out there in public. It was a secret until just now.

Joking aside, there are things I hear and read that imply the act of reading or writing a happy, sweet, uplifting, romantic book is somehow ... if not shameful than maybe shallow or silly or not all that bright. Like romance readers must not get the elusive it or be smart enough to understand it and romance writers must not be smart enough to write something "better". Like there is no there there.

My name is Cardeno C. and I write romance. Happy romance.

I've heard people imply (strongly imply) that a book is only worth the time it takes to read it if we need a dictionary and an encyclopedia to understand it and a box of tissues and a month of therapy to get past the pain it elicited. There is nothing wrong with those types of books. But often people describe anything that doesn't meet that description as a guilty pleasure or cotton candy or a potato chip. And hard though it may be for me to understand, they don't mean those things as compliments! 

Well, I like pleasure and have no guilt when I feel it. Life is hard enough, the world can be cruel enough, so I embrace every bit of pleasure I can find and I rejoice in giving others happiness and pleasure. Also, I love potato chips (salt & vinegar preferably) and, yeah, I have some guilt when I eat them but that's only because I cannot stop at that ridiculous measurement they call a serving and then I have problems with my jeans. But that's a whole other issue. And as far as cotton candy, eh, not for me. I'm off track now.

My name is Cardeno C. and I write romance. Happy romance. Sweet romance.

Yes, I said it. Sweet. Is there meaning to my books, a point, a lesson? I think so, but it's subtle and covered with smiles and warmth. [Pause to hear this song in my head.] Is there angst in my books? Sometimes more than others, but never so much that it's primary. 

What does that say about my intelligence? About the point of my books? My understanding of the world around me? The life I've led or haven't led? What does it say about my readers? There's only one sure fire, definitely true answer: It says we like sweet, happy romance.

My name is Cardeno C. and I write romance. Happy romance. Sweet romance. Uplifting romance.

The other day a reader posted something about one of my books on Facebook and then another reader left this comment: "...made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!" That is the there, the it I aim to achieve. There is nothing better in my mind than making someone feel good and happy and warm and fuzzy. Writing goal = accomplished. 

My name is Cardeno C. and I write romance.



  1. You know, I feel guilty reading this. Because I figure I'm one who sometimes comments, when I read sweet romances, that I'm afraid I'll not make it in romance writing because I can't write sweet romance myself. And, often, the more I read it, the more I feel the lack of that ability.
    BUT...because I cannot write it does not mean it's not beautiful to me, and that is WHY I envy it.
    I've done so many blog posts on my confusion at the need for high octane angst. And then, when I write, the angst ends up in my stuff, too. LOL.
    But the truth? It's a shame that any of us should think of sweet romance as a guilty pleasure. The 'guilty' part should be taken out, as pleasure should not be something to FEEL guilty about.
    Pleasure and those 'warm fuzzies' are wonderful.

  2. And this is how you have become one of my very favorite authors ever. I need to read and the more stress and garbage going on in my life only increases that need. I can feel a smile on my face just by running through the list of your books in my head, or thinking about the tastes I have read from an upcoming story.

  3. and that is exactly why you are on my auto-buy! I always know I will enjoy the story you tell and it will bring smiles and enjoyment (a few laughs as well sometimes).

  4. Ditto - what they said...