Monday, June 30, 2014

Sing Inspirations (Seis) by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! It's been some time since I did a song lyric inspiration post, so I'm going for it today. I'll share the songs that inspired my most current releases (Perfect Imperfections and All of Me) and the one that inspired my upcoming release (In Your Eyes).

Perfect Imperfections - John Legend's All of Me

Perfect Imperfections is a novel about two men from different backgrounds who hit it off for a night of chatting, which leads to a great friendship, and eventually much more. As they get to know each other, Reg and Jeremy are on a new magical mystery ride. Reg gets to learn about Jeremy's world and his needs, but more than that, he gets to know the man behind the legend, warts and all. And Jeremy is lucky enough to get to know a man built strong, loyal, and fun. 

Music was Jeremy's first love, his only love until he met Reg who became his rhythm and blues. And when the two men finally put their cards on the table, both to each other and themselves, they could finally follow their hearts. Together.

All of Me - My Immortal by Evanescence

All of Me is a short novella that, for me, could only be written as a
short paranormal. I'm a happy write by nature. So when I felt the pull to tell a story that had some very serious issues and pain, I needed to do it in a world where my characters could heal more easily than humans (thus a shifter book) and in a format that allowed the focus to be on the healing rather than the pain. 

Abel and Kai were bound together, destined to mate, before either of them was conceived. Luckily, the boys adored each other and embraced their future without doubt. But years of holding each other's hand, both literally and figuratively, came crashing down when both were too young to handle the pain life dealt them. And the result was strong Alpha Abel walking through life alone and yet unable to shake the lingering presence of the man he wanted and thought he'd have. 

No matter how often Abel told himself his mate was gone, the man he gave all of himself too lives in his heart. Torn apart at his core, Abel's wounds would never heal, no matter how many years pass, because he he could never get past losing Kai, whose light never stopped resonating in Abel's heart.

And then Kai comes back and Abel has to hope that time and love can erase some of what his mate had endured. Thankfully, both men are strong enough to wipe away each other's tears, fight away each other's fears, and finally live their happily ever after.

In Your Eyes - Animal by Miike Snow

It's hard to come up with a better song to inspire a book about wolf shifters than one called Animal, especially when one of those shifters - Samuel - struggles not to stay in his animal form and leave the human world behind. Samuel was always a good man who wanted to do right by his pack, but in many ways, he lived in a world dark from a lack of emotions and empathy, which was a danger to him and those he was meant to lead. 

From the first moment Samuel saw Korban, he knew there was something in the other shifter's eyes, but it took him many years to identify what it was. In the end, Korban can fill the hole that has always lived in Samuel. Korban's strength, while different from Samuel's, compliments the Alpha well and allows him to be the strong leader he always longed to be. 

The last thing I loved about this song for this book is the happy vibe in it. In Your Eyes has some sad scenes and battles, both internal and external, that the characters have to fight. It felt good to hear a peppy song as I wrote it.

Have a terrific week!


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