Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ask Andrew - Being Single

Dear Andrew

I have a 2-part question: 1) When you an Dom met at the party, why were both of you unattached at the time? 2) Who is more aggressive, you or Dom; for instance in public and at home?

Dear MSM

When Dominic and I met in February 1994, both he and I were unattached.  I had been in a weird relationship up until a few months earlier.  (I really don't want to talk about it because its really too weird to explain)  Let me just say his issues had issues.  Dominic had been seeing someone a few months earlier as well, but it hadn't gone anywhere for him either. 

As for who is more aggressive.  I tend to be the aggressive one in the relationship, but it depends on the situation.  In public I'm the more aggressive, but in a restaurant when we get poor service or bad food, he turns into a pain in the ass from hell until he gets satisfaction.  Dominic also rules in the kitchen.  I stay out of there at almost all costs.  In other areas, I tend to take the lead.  Now if you're asking who is more aggressive in the bedroom... well that I'll leave up to your fertile imaginations.  :)

One thing that we both feel is important, as in any relationship, is open communications.  Dominic and I talk about things and make decisions together.  The decisions I make affect him and the ones he makes affect me, so we tend to try to discuss things and come to an agreement before undertaking a course of action. 

Hugs and love

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