Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ask Andrew - Those Pesky Other Holes We Make for Ourselves

Dear Andrew

My question is this..what is your opinion on piercings? My 39 yr old brother has decided to get a piercing on his penis. Not sure what kind but this is so far from anything  I ever expected from him. I wasn't shocked when he got all the tattoos he has but this threw me. I asked him why and he said he wanted, since his car accident, to "Live life to the fullest"  and express himself. How a piercing can do that I have no clue. I did ask, however since I am the big sister, lol How will people see this expression? Will he show it at parties and family occasions? Love this kid to death but it worries me. So what is your opinion on them.


Dear LeeAnn

Okay.  I'll start by saying that I used to have a piercing on my left nipple.  It grew out so I no longer have a tinsel tit.  Anyway, tattoos and piercings are a form of personal expression and even a piercing on the penis falls into the category.  Think of it as intimate personal expression.  And no, he shouldn't be taking it out at parties or family gatherings.  (That part of your note had this middle aged man cackling like a fool.  I loved that line.) 

You asked for my opinion, so I'll give it to you.  Body piercings are not to be done lightly and without thought, especially intimate ones.  They are not like piercing ears.   Body piercings of any type require extra care and are unfortunately a potential source of infection, even after a long period of time.  I have a friend who got her lower lip pierced.  The piercing became infected, bit she wasn't aware of it.  The infection spread to her lower jaw, which had to be rebuilt because it ate away most of the bone.  She was lucky.  They caught it when the jaw broke, but before it got to her brain.  I don't use this story to scare anyone, just to give you something to think about.  I had a piercing and loved it, but I took careful care of it and I believe everyone should.

As for more intimate piercings.  There isn't any way anyone is getting anywhere near Mr. Happy with a piercing needle or anything else sharp.  I'm just too squeamish.  However if your 39 year old brothers wants to get his penis pierced, I'd say he had guts, and balls for that matter.  LeeAnn, please make sure your brother is fully informed about the ramifications of what he wants to do.  That's your job as a sister.  His job is to make an informed decision and if he decides to go through with it, take proper care of the piercing. 

Hugs and love

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  1. Thanks Andrew and I agree with you. Glad I made you cackle as it did me when I thought about writing I have also warned him about infections since he has , on several occasions gotten infections on the tattoos on his legs and arms. I said hey pierce your nipple, eyebrow or ear if you have too...but ..ok..get ready, this was NOT a pun...think long and hard about this..omg I made my self laugh. You know what I mean though. I worry about this but like you said he is an adult..kinda..sorta. My opinion as a big sister.