Saturday, July 26, 2014

Introducing Renae Kaye

Hello world!

My wonderful, wonderful fellow release-day author, Cardeno C., has invited me to share in Café Risque and I nearly broke an ankle in my rush to accept.  So I’m happy to be blogging to you from this fantastic site.

Umm – who are you?

Oh, sorry.  I forgot to introduce myself.  I’m Renae Kaye.


Oh.  Well, I’m an author with Dreamspinner Press.  My debut novel, Loving Jay came out in April – on the same day as Cardeno’s Control.  My second novel, The Blinding Light was released last week – ironically on the same day as Cardeno’s In Your Eyes.  So I think that Cardeno is my good luck charm!

Oh, congratulations.  So tell us a bit about you, Renae.

Thanks!  Me?  I’m a humble author who types away at her laptop while her children are engrossed in Disney’s latest offerings.  I’m new to authoring, so I’m still very excitable at every single thing that happens (forgive me!) and when talking to other authors, I’m often found to be fangirling as I feel I’m hanging out with the “cool kids” from high school.  Oh – and I’m an Aussie, so forgive the accent.  I live in Perth, Western Australia.

Umm – where?

Perth?  Okay, I’ll show you.  Pick up your globe of the world.  Now turn it upside down.  Look!  There are actually other countries south of the equator!  Now, turn it around.  Keep turning.  Keep turning…  Yep!  There!  Do you see that little dot on the western side of Australia?  The one all by itself?  That’s Perth.  The second-most isolated capital city of the world.  Auckland, New Zealand takes the title of the most isolated, but that’s because they’re an island.  (Sorry guys!)

So, near Sydney?

Hint.  Australia is a big, big country full of kangaroos.  Sydney is on the opposite side of the continent.  Around 4000 kilometres away.  Yes, you read right.  About the same distance as New York to Los Angeles, or twice the distance from London to Naples.

Oh.  Perth!  Got it! So what do you do in Perth?

Me, personally?  I read a lot of books.  Perth is quite a city now – we have over two million people.  And we have cars, and houses, and internet, and everything!  Pretty much like any other city in North America or Europe.

Except for the Australians.  We have a lot of them in Perth.  And snakes.  And spiders. 

Eek!  How do you survive?  The snakes and spiders, I mean.  Not the Australians, because I’m sure they don’t bite.  Do they?

Most Australians are very well behaved – non-aggressive and will not attack unless provoked.  The snakes and spiders?  Yeah, well.  You just learn to adapt.  You don’t walk softly through long grass (stomping the ground makes the snakes skitter away) and you don’t stick your hand into dark places.  When you do get bitten, then you just toddle off to the doctor.  Medicine is great these days, isn’t it?

Oh.  Can we forget about the critters?  Tell me about your books instead?

Well, Loving Jay is a humorous romp about Liam who is not even sure if he’s gay or not.  How can he not know? you ask? – well, you’re just going to have to read it to find out.  But he’s unsure of his sexuality, mainly because his father makes it clear that none of his sons will be gay.  But Liam finds this particular guy on the train each morning to be fascinating.  Liam calls him “Jay” and doesn’t understand why he’s so attracted to the makeup, the flamboyance and the overall bewitching experience that is Jay.  Jay suffers from a horrible, horrible disease called “verbal diarrhea”, as well as having no off-switch.  But do you know what?  He might just be perfect for Liam.

The Blinding Light takes you into the world of snarky but upbeat Jake.  Jake has an enormous plate of responsibilities, and is drowning in debt as well as trying to look after his three younger sisters and alcoholic mother.  He takes a housekeeping job to a rude and arrogant blind man.  Patrick was born without sight, and shuts himself away from people with bossy notes and fussy rules.  When they meet, a friendship begins.  When that friendship develops, Jake thinks that this may be his chance to break free.  But can he allow himself?

They sound great!  Do you have any more coming?

Well since you asked…  I have a short story coming in several weeks.  It’s a part of Dreamspinner’s new anthology, A Taste Of Honey.  B.G. Thomas has been working really hard to get this anthology together. 

B.G. Thomas?  He’s on this Café Risque blog as well, isn’t he?

He is indeed!  I’m among exaltedness.  B.G. had this great idea to do an anthology on bears, and guess what?  It’s nearly here.  18th of August.

Do you wanna see the cover?

Yes, please.

Oh, nice one.

I know.  Hawt, right?  I know that beards are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m hoping that readers snatch up this book and love the guys inside.  All characters need to be loved, don’t they?

They do.  So now that you are on this blog, what are you going to do?

Ah – good question!  I’m not quite sure.  But I’ll be posting every Saturday.  So feel free to comment, or ask a question, or follow the blog, or whatever.  If you want to know something specific – about Australia, about me or about my writing, feel free to drop me a line.  You can email me on

I’ll see you next Saturday.  <waving>

How to contact Renae:

Twitter:  @renaekkaye


  1. Happy Maiden Blog Post Day Renae Kaye :)

    1. Thx Donna! Thank you for reading and I'll have to come up with something snappy for next Saturday!