Monday, July 28, 2014

Song Inspirations (Siete) by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing the song inspirations for the standalone novels in my Family series.

Something in the Way He NeedsSomething by the Beatles 
In Something in the Way He Needs, Asher Penaz is a rough, non-emotional man who has no interest in relationships and frequents leather bars so he can find men to control sexually. Asher's intensity and harshness make him a hard man to like. But good-at-everything, dynamic Daniel Tover is the ying to Asher's yang and he has no trouble falling for Asher. 

Asher is irresistibly drawn to Daniel, which throws him for an emotional loop (not an easy thing to endure for a man unused to emotions). But there's just something in the way Daniel needs to be held tightly that attracts Asher. To most people, what Asher offers would be frightening and controlling. To Daniel, who has spent his life running from place to place, Asher's intensity and passion represents security and home. So for the first time in their lives, Asher wants somebody to stay and Daniel doesn't want to leave.

Strong EnoughStrong Enough To Be Your Man by Travis Tritt
In Strong Enough, Spencer Derdinger is a kind, intelligent professor tormented by events in his past that have made it difficult to maintain a relationship. Spencer's ego has taken a beating by the people that fade away from him. And then vibrant, confident, kind Emilio Sanchez walks into his life insisting he is strong enough to hold Spencer through the storm. Looking at Emilio's close-knit family and the future he can have with a man he feels is too good to be true, Spencer finds the strength to vanquish his ghosts.

More Than Everything - Pictures Of You by The Cure
I absolutely love this song, have since it was released, and I couldn't imagine a more perfect song to keep me company as Charlie/Chase Rhodes put together a scrapbook of his life. 

Charlie sits at his table and tells the story behind pictures of his great loves - Scott Boone and Adan Navarro. He remembers the kisses, the tears, the love that felt too big to keep, and the pain of losing it. Charlie remembers his past step by step and through the pictures he puts into his scrapbook, he shares his heart, his world, his wants, and ultimately, his happy ending.

Have a terrific week.


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  1. hahaha, everytime I listen Rhianna's Something in the way you move, I think Asher and Daniel are dancing...