Saturday, August 16, 2014

I'm so excited

I’m so excited.  And I just can’t hide it.  I’m about to lose control and I think I like it…

Go on – admit it.  You just sang those words in your head?

Why am I excited?  I’m excited because 
A Taste Of Honey 
comes out in two days and that means another story by me published.  It was an unexpected bonus to my year, and it allowed me to achieve an aim that I set myself 18 months ago.

You see, I’ll take you back to January 2013, where a housewife and mummy was bored and clueless.  She was a miserable failure at a lot of things in life, but she had great imagination.  She had passed her Year 12 high school English Literature exam at only 52%, so she knew she wouldn’t be able to write a book.  But goddammit.  When people tell her she can’t do things, she gets angry.  So she made herself an aim to write a book.  It took her a while, but she wrote it.  And hey!  It wasn’t half-bad.

So it was April 2013 by now, and so she made herself another aim.  She would learn how to write.  She would practice.  She would keep at it.  And she would publish something.  She didn’t care what, but she made herself an aim that she would give it a good 24 months, and she aimed to get a contract of some sort.  Then she sat down and wrote the title:  Loving Jay.

Fast-forward to September 2013 and this silly little woman had herself a contract in her hand.  She was extremely amazed (really!  She cannot express the disbelief) at this, but it was there on her email.  She began to dream grand plans of being an author.  You know – a published author.  Not just a one-off.

So she made herself another plan.  She had to dream BIG this time.  Really really BIG!  Her dream was to get five books a year published.  It wasn’t just an arbitrary number.  No – she figured that she could practice writing to the point that one book would take her two months.  That would be six books a year, and giving herself a reject rate of one-in-six, she would try for five books a year.  She gave herself ten years to do this.  She had a goal!

By the time Loving Jay finally hit the public in April 2014, she had four contracts.  FOUR!  And all four would be published by the end of 2014.  So close to her goal.  But she wasn’t worried.  She’d given herself ten years.  But then something funny happened.  A short story.  A desperate cry of a fellow author that she answered and whipped up a short story for him. A subject she loved.  An opportunity she’d never considered. And a golden fifth contract.  But the BIGGEST surprise, was that while her books had to wait in line for their editing, her little short story jumped the queue and would be published in August 2014.

That would mean…  OMG!  She sat there in silence.  The power of speech taken from her.  Five…  Okay, she was cheating a little bit because her short story wasn’t really a book – it was part of a book – but it was close enough.  Her goal had been reached.

That bored and clueless housewife and mummy?  She’s no longer bored (she’s now flat out editing and writing!), but she will forever remain clueless.  She’s decided she needs to set herself tougher goals.  Winning the $70m Powerball lottery sounds like a good aim.
So in 48 hours, the Dreamspinner anthology, A Taste Of Honey hits the screaming fans (see!  I told you she had a great imagination!) and this counts as a publication.  So I’m taking it!  Five books in one year.  Goal reached.

(You can buy a pre-order from Dreamspinner here).

I’m also investing in two tickets in the Powerball.  It’s drawn Thursday night, so if you never hear from me again, you can imagine me living the high life on some private island…

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