Friday, August 1, 2014

My Very FIRST Release Party!

So this past weekend something really amazing happened for me. I had my first official release party. The in-person kind, and not the virtual kind. It was wonderful. It was emotional. It was exhilarating. Especially because of the company.
The book is called "Summer Lover" and it was inspired by a gay men's retreat that I have been going to every summer for 12 years called the Midwest Men's Festival. I have never know the like of these incredible men. They are brothers, magick workers, friends, teachers, tricksters, comedians,
Many years ago there lived a very important gay man who in many ways was one of the most important gay activists ever. It was out when you couldn't be out and fought for gay rights, legally, when you shouldn't have been able to.
And then, when being gay became more and more acceptable, he took it one step further and re-claimed gay men's rights NOT to be acceptable. Meaning, mainstream. He didn't want gay men to feel they had to "fit in." That they could be as queenie or queer as they wanted to be. That they didn't have to act "just like" straight people. He worried that we gay men were becoming homogenized. And isn't that ironic word? 

He created the Radical Faerie movement and queerness has never been the same. 

MMF is not an official RF group, but it's close. And it took me in and loved me and made me brother and sister and faerie all. 

And as the years passed, I knew more and more I wanted to try and share the magick of what it is like to be a part of such a group of men. That in a big way is what "Summer Lover" is all about.
It was very important to me to have the book be released at the actual event from which it was inspired, but for some reason I was nervous. What if my brothers didn't like what I had done?  
LOL! How silly of me! They flocked to my party and supported me completely. I sold out of all the new book in about ten minutes and most of my older books as well!
Here are some of the wonderful reviews!
From Love Bytes (formerly the blog of Sid Love) comes this review by the wonderful Danielle.
Then, at MM Good Book Reviews, the kind words of Portia De Moncur….
It was quite a surprise to see the table all set up and see just how many books I have now, and that's not counting all the novellas and short stories that are not in physical print. What a dream come true!

Do you have a dream? If you do I hope that you pursue it. Don't let ANYONE tell you that you can't do what your dreams tell you to do. You are not too young or too old or too skinny or too heavy or too anything! Do what your dreams tell you to do! Leap!  The net will appear!

With much Love,
BG Thomas
By the way, this is me with the REAL
star of my novel "Hound Dog & Bean."
 The joy and light of my life, Sarah Jane!


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