Tuesday, September 30, 2014

School Days, Swiffers and Bad Ideas


[20:03:23] <BA> Boo!

[20:03:32] <@Sean> Eeek!

[20:03:50] <julia> Yikes

[20:03:55] <julia> :D

[20:04:12] BA leans

[20:04:26] <BA> lord love a duck, what a busy day. Packing sucks!

[20:04:46] <@Sean> it does -- I hate moving so I'm glad it's not me

[20:05:47] <BA> :P

[20:05:52] <julia> But we'll own and not rent

[20:05:56] <julia> yay!

[20:06:09] <@Sean> nods -- that's very cool

[20:06:15] <@Sean> good for you guys

[20:06:24] <BA> Yay!

[20:06:53] <BA> Yeah, hopefully I'll be unpacked before you come.

[20:06:58] <BA> ;-)

[20:07:14] <@Sean> yeah, boxes are hard to sleep on

[20:07:26] <julia> LOL. The bassets do just fine

[20:07:32] <@Sean> LOL!

[20:07:45] <BA> grins

[20:07:47] <BA> so

[20:07:50] <BA> I had an idea

[20:07:54] <julia> oh no

[20:07:56] <@Sean> uhoh

[20:08:03] <@Sean> the most dangerous words ;)

[20:08:09] <BA> why does everybody ALWAYS say that?

[20:08:18] <julia> because it's always a neat idea

[20:08:24] <julia> but always means work ;)

[20:08:27] <@Sean> yep

[20:09:00] <BA> I was thinkin' that we could tell stories on school days for our characters

[20:09:11] <BA> like, Coke? Was an AWFUL student.

[20:09:28] <@Sean> heeee

[20:09:30] <BA> Awful, but he loves to read. Like now, he reads a book a day, easy.

[20:09:39] <@Sean> that's cool

[20:09:47] <@Sean> I love Coke

[20:09:52] <BA> me too!

[20:09:59] <julia> I like Coke. He's my second fav Roughstock boy

[20:10:14] <julia> Dillon being my first

[20:10:16] <julia> ;)

[20:10:16] <BA> He's getting a whole 'nother book where we find out about his history.

[20:10:23] <@Sean> oh too cool

[20:10:51] <BA> Dillon was/is great at math. He has an accounting degree. O.O

[20:11:01] <julia> The things we learn!

[20:11:03] <julia> Lesse

[20:11:12] <@Sean> poor man ;)

[20:11:16] <julia> Jonny from the Bloodrose never went to a school

[20:11:22] <julia> he had tutors

[20:11:45] <@Sean> he was always a rich dude, eh?

[20:12:06] <BA> He seems like he was private tutory

[20:12:20] <julia> he was pretty well off

[20:13:06] <julia> and Deke, the werewolf who does security with Kasey in the same series, he was too wolfy for traditional school

[20:13:15] <julia> kind of a homeschool deal

[20:13:23] <@Sean> heee

[20:13:27] <BA> DId he got to obedience school at PetSmart?

[20:13:32] <BA> go, even

[20:13:39] <@Sean> *cackles*

[20:13:42] <julia> cackles

[20:13:48] <julia> Sit. Stay.

[20:14:06] <BA> Roll over. Hump that other dog. Good boy!

[20:14:32] <julia> Nah, Deke doesn't hump other wolves

[20:14:39] <julia> He has a vamp fetish

[20:14:46] <BA> heeeeee!

[20:14:58] <julia> What about the Hammer boys, Sean?

[20:15:14] <@Sean> Billy was an A student

[20:15:27] <@Sean> Tanny got an A in truancy

[20:15:35] <BA> heeeee!

[20:15:40] <BA> Never say it!

[20:15:44] <julia> but I bet he did well in shop, right?

[20:15:49] <julia> since he works with his hands

[20:16:05] <@Sean> he just didn't learn the way they taught

[20:16:13] <julia> Poor Tannny

[20:16:17] <@Sean> yeah

[20:16:32] <@Sean> although he got Billy in the end, so probably not so much with the poor ;)

[20:16:38] <BA> :D

[20:16:42] <julia> Nodnods

[20:16:48] <julia> Go him!

[20:17:21] <@Sean> Jim was extremely conscientious and got high grades

[20:17:40] <@Sean> while Marcus was a numbers and dexterity man

[20:17:54] <@Sean> shop and math were his go tos

[20:18:02] <julia> grins

[20:18:24] <julia> if we go waaaay back to the Thatchers for me[20:18:31] <julia> Jed was a solid B guy

[20:18:47] <julia> Ken, the middle brother was a suck up and an A student

[20:18:54] <@Sean> LOL

[20:19:03] <BA> heeeee

[20:19:05] <julia> and Ross coasted with a very unrespectable 2.0 for a long time ;)

[20:19:12] <BA> Marcus. Dexerity. *giggles*

[20:19:26] <BA> Do not diss my baby Ross

[20:19:33] <BA> *snuggles him so hard*

[20:19:36] <julia> Oh hey, he's plenty smart

[20:19:40] <julia> just boooored

[20:19:47] <julia> why do you think he jumps out of planes?

[20:20:00] <@Sean> heeeee

[20:20:01] <BA> same reason Rigger does?

[20:20:14] <julia> <looks at Sean>

[20:20:27] <@Sean> to get to the marines of course!

[20:20:37] <julia> oh, yeah

[20:20:40] <BA> LOL!

[20:21:01] <@Sean> Rock is the surprising one of that bunch -- he was not a bad student

[20:21:19] <@Sean> whereas Dick was a little shit -- plenty smart but even more smartass

[20:21:30] <BA> Apropos of nothing -- we're watching this house hunty show and there's a dude that's terrified of the water wanting to move to the ocean...

[20:21:38] <@Sean> there's a reason he *had* to join up

[20:21:52] <BA> Dick is a bad, bad jarhead

[20:21:54] <BA> ;-)

[20:22:04] <julia> snort

[20:22:08] <@Sean> but he's a good, good lover

[20:22:20] <@Sean> poor Dick never gets the love[

20:22:21] <julia> Ross had that choice, you know? Army or jail

[20:22:42] <BA> Mike from Say Something was a good student, like doggedly solid, Jenson, not some much with that whole book learning thing, but he's not stupid

[20:22:48] <julia> He went Army to save his mom the horror ;)

[20:22:57] <BA> heeeee!

[20:23:00] <@Sean> lol

[20:23:01] <BA> *loves Nancy*

[20:24:06] <julia> thanks, hon. Mom Thatcher was my mom, really

[20:24:35] <@Sean> that's cool

[20:24:45] <BA> Yeah, I'm not sure my mom has appeared in a book yet -- although Ellen Redding has her mouth ;-)

[20:24:50] <julia> Oh! BA, what about my faves of yours?

[20:24:59] <julia> Sonny and MJ from the Road Trip series

[20:25:39] <BA> Sonny was on track for college, believe it or not, but he had that beaten out of him.

[20:25:42] <BA> MJ?

[20:25:44] <BA> Oh, y'all.

[20:26:54] <BA> He was like this Wile E. Coyote Super Genius kid. Got recruited super young. Had a PhD before he was an adult. He's like Spenser Reid from Criminal Minds, but sexy and pissed off.

[20:27:07] <BA> Spencer? Spenser?

[20:27:38] <BA> He was the best to write. So fucking wicked

[20:28:00] <@Sean> how fun

[20:28:16] <BA> I miss him. You know how that is? You have a character whose story has been told but...

[20:28:24] <@Sean> yeah, I hear that


[20:28:48] <@Sean> heeee

[20:29:37] <BA> I'd write MJ and Sonny again.

[20:29:44] <BA> in a heartbeat.

[20:30:57] <BA> *sighs* Okay, now I'm depressed. ;-)

[20:31:07] <BA> someone tell me something amazing

[20:31:49] <@Sean> your new book comes out tomorrow

[20:32:01] <BA> eeee!

[20:32:13] <julia> Yes!

[20:32:13] <BA> Or, in blog time, it came out yesterday.

[20:32:14] <BA> :D

[20:32:20] <julia> Mike and Jenson

[20:32:22] <@Sean> heee, right

[20:32:35] <julia> they broke me

[20:32:37] <julia> I sobbed

[20:32:41] <julia> I ranted

[20:32:44] <julia> I raved

[20:32:47] <julia> I adore them

[20:33:03] <@Sean> I haven't had a chance to read them yet

[20:33:10] <@Sean> but I have heard all about them :)

[20:33:22] <BA> They were hard -- Sean, I told you about them last year during a long drive and a snow storm, remember?

[20:33:25] <BA> ;-)

[20:33:28] <@Sean> nods

[20:33:30] <@Sean> yep

[20:33:30] <julia> I beta read it

[20:33:46] <BA> Also, you officially suck as a best friend. ;-)

[20:33:52] <@Sean> I know!

[20:33:56] <BA> LOLOL!

[20:34:09] <BA> *giggles madly*

[20:34:46] <@Sean> I'd promise to be better, but I'm not that organized

[20:35:29] <BA> *grins* I have embraced the bullet journal. I'm driving J out of her mind.

[20:36:02] <@Sean> this is that thing where you write all the thoughts down in point form as you have them?

[20:36:22] BA nods -- there's a website, hold on

[20:36:25] <@Sean> or is it a journal that's shaped like a bullet?

[20:36:34] <julia> rolls eyes at Sean

[20:36:38] <julia> you

[20:36:43] <julia> Canadian

[20:36:44] <@Sean> I can't resist!

[20:36:46] <BA> http://bulletjournal.com/

[20:37:01] <julia> I even have one O.O

[20:37:06] <BA> well, the worst part is you *know* that evil mind is going

[20:37:09] <BA> bullet

[20:37:20] <BA> butt plug

[20:37:27] <BA> kink

[20:37:31] <BA> boom

[20:37:31] <@Sean> nods

[20:37:46] <@Sean> it's true, I'd probably be way better at keeping a butt plug journal than a bullet journal

[20:38:08] <BA> bwahahahahaha!

[20:38:27] <BA> Day One: 1 inch diameter, plastic, 3 inches long

[20:38:39] <BA> Day Two: Steel, shaped like an ice cream cone

[20:38:53] <BA> Day Three: I think that was a trailer hitch...

[20:38:57] <@Sean> LOLOL

[20:39:22] <BA> Who knows you? ;-)

[20:39:54] <@Sean> nope, not me, I'm pure as the driven snow....

[20:39:58] <BA> Oh, man. Ice coffee rocks.

[20:40:05] <@Sean> okay, even I can't say it with a straight face

[20:40:12] <BA> Oh, bullshit. You're just Canadian so everyone believes that

[20:40:42] <BA> You blink innocently, throw in an 'eh' and it's all over

[20:40:52] <@Sean> cackles

[20:41:24] <BA> "What a dear. How charming. How very polite."

[20:41:54] <@Sean> yep

[20:41:58] <BA> and I'm going... Have you had a discussion about crowning with Sean? Like in a public place? Loudly?

[20:42:16] <@Sean> as long as they don't see what's on the hard drive I'm golden

[20:42:22] <@Sean> cackles

[20:42:42] <@Sean> loudly is the only way to have a public discussion about crowning

[20:42:47] <BA> fuck yes!

[20:42:51] <julia> Man, a girl goes to pee

[20:43:01] <julia> and y'all revert to kink

[20:43:12] <@Sean> you know you can't leave us alone

[20:43:12] <BA> That was early on, wasn't it? I laughed so hard I damn near wet myself.

[20:43:38] <@Sean> nods

[20:43:41] <@Sean> I couldn't breathe

[20:43:42] <julia> Go ahead and snicker about things that happened without me

[20:43:46] <julia> I see how it is ;)

[20:43:49] <BA> LOL!

[20:44:22] <julia> then again, BA and I had the time traveling butt plug

[20:44:41] <BA> yeah, that was an idea whose time never came

[20:44:47] <BA> (I said came)

[20:44:53] <@Sean> LOL

[20:44:57] <julia> chortles

[20:45:06] <julia> okay, clearly it's wine o'clock

[20:45:31] <BA> Oh! Sean! We made these drinks!

[20:45:48] <BA> Caramel apple vodka, pumpkin spice liqueur and apple cider

[20:45:50] <BA> OMG

[20:45:59] <BA> they're like apple heaven

[20:46:04] <BA> I could drink 12

[20:46:06] <@Sean> heeeee

[20:46:14] <BA> and then you'd have to peel my happy ass off the floor

[20:46:18] <@Sean> nods

[20:46:21] <BA> we'll have to make them when you're here

[20:46:29] <julia> I'd leave you for the centipedes

[20:46:35] <BA> Liar

[20:46:47] <BA> You saved me from the evil centipede of doom

[20:46:47] <@Sean> LOL

[20:46:49] <BA> I know

[20:47:14] <BA> of course, if I passed out, J'd be going -- *poke*

[20:47:19] <BA> *poke*

[20:47:20] <julia> I would

[20:47:26] <julia> she's not a passer outer

[20:47:30] <BA> "Don't make me use the swiffer"

[20:47:37] <@Sean> LOLOL

[20:47:50] <julia> the Swiffer is the best bug killer EVER!

[20:47:56] <BA> true story

[20:48:14] <BA> it can kill 3-4 crickets at a time

[20:48:27] <@Sean> crickets do not belong indoors

[20:48:34] <BA> no

[20:48:40] <BA> and we had an infestation

[20:48:52] <julia> OMG it was awful

[20:48:59] <@Sean> :P

[20:49:57] BA leans and snuggles. I guess we should say all the promo-y things.


[20:50:24] <BA> *ahem*

[20:50:34] <BA> Yeah, I have a new release. It's cool.

[20:50:41] <@Sean> *grins*

[20:51:18] <@Sean> very cool

[20:52:00] <@Sean> Bruised is available for early download at Totally Bound

[20:52:20] <@Sean> it's a reprint and it's nice to see it available again

[20:52:28] <BA> It has a neat cover.

[20:52:34] <@Sean> nods[

20:52:45] <@Sean> it does

[20:53:26] <julia> Uh. Blinks. I have Java Rocks coming out in the Dreamspinner writing anthology

[20:53:46]<julia> and I have a Full Moon Dating AND an Elemental Ops out in November

[20:53:57] <@Sean> cool!

[20:53:58] <BA> and we all have CEREUS!

[20:54:03] <julia> eeeee

[20:54:04] <julia> yes

[20:54:05] <BA> (write faster)

[20:54:06] <julia> :D

[20:54:14] <julia> tappity tappity

[20:54:18] <julia> going to write now

[20:54:19] <@Sean> that's October 17, right?

[20:54:22] <julia> waves and hugs

[20:54:34] <BA> nods. That's the plan.

[20:54:52] <@Sean> I can't wait to share my spirit bear and his slightly nutty human

[20:55:04] <BA> Love y'all. Can't wait for next week. *smooches*

[20:55:13] <@Sean> Night!

[20:55:20] <BA> I imagine next week's discussion will be "moving sucks"

[20:55:29] <@Sean> heeeee!

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Much love, y’all!



Monday, September 29, 2014

Loving My Facebook Group by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! I wrote on here a bit about a new Facebook group I started but now that it's been up and running for a couple of weeks, I want to share more details. 

I started the group so that I could have a space to interact with readers and it has definitely accomplished that. The group format allows for a private space where group members can chat with each other. The chat with each other part has been really wonderful. It's not just me interacting, it's readers interacting with one another. 

The group has become a team effort and a fun atmosphere. We voted on a name together: Cardeno C.'s Cinderfuckingrellas based on this wonderful line from Pretty Woman

I've been able to get advice and input from group members when I have questions about what readers want. (Should I put my book on Kindle Unlimited so KU members can read it for free or do you want the option to buy it from retailers other than Amazon?)

Based on reader suggestions, we added theme days to help give people ideas about what to share and those have been really wonderful. Here are our themes for now (but we'll change them up every so often):

If you're interested in joining the group, you can do it here.

Have a great week.



Saturday, September 27, 2014

Writing a sex scene

Now I am no means a pro at writing a sex scene, but I wanted to give you some insight into how much trouble those little buggers can be – for me.

In my first m/m novel Loving Jay, the first sex scene we got to, took me about two days to write.  It was extremely embarrassing – for me.  These two characters were chattering away in my head and I knew everything about them.  I knew what they looked like, what they wore, how they walked, what they sounded like when they talked, their fears, their hopes.

But oh-man, writing that first sex scene was like walking in on your parents doing it.

I wanted to whitewash the whole scene and “close the bedroom door,” but as a reader, I knew how much it sometimes annoyed me when writers did that.  Because often in a relationship, what happens in the bedroom is pivotal to the storyline.  I don’t like the sex scene “for sex’s sake,” but there’s no doubt that feelings and emotions happen between the characters that the reader needs to know about.

As I’ve become more experienced at writing gay sex (cheeky grin), it has become easier – easier to relax into and easier to write without setting the fire alarms off – but they are still a huge emotional drainer on me.  Get them right and they sizzle.  Get them wrong and you turn the reader off.

So, here is my mental checklist when writing a sex scene.

Does it contribute to the story?
As previously said, a scene that is just for titillation is not always needed.  In some of my storylines, the sex part of the relationship is one of the problems the characters must work through.  So the sex scene needed to be described in detail, while keeping the pace of the storyline.
Tip – describe how the character is feeling, and not just “yes, baby, yes.”  We get that he loves to have sex, but a reader needs more.

Does it keep true to the character?
Words and actions need to keep true to the character.  Sure, in Real Life, how we are in the bedroom is not reflective of how we act in public, but I am conscious of making the bedrooms scenes an extension of the story.  The character’s actions need to also remain accurate to his upbringing and experiences.
Tip – men use the word cock regularly.  I must get over my need to call it a penis.

What is another word for “cock”?
Having a thesaurus is often essential!  J  Oh, what to describe those body parts as?  As an author this is painful!  I found myself googling other words for “thrust” as well.  Working, and reworking the scene and changing the words is a torture I go through every single time.  Sometimes I wish I could just write “And they got it on.”  But I guess sacrifices must be made by artists for their work, and having a well-thumbed and well-used reference for “penis” is the sacrifice I make.
Tip – hanging out in gay chat rooms is a great source of words!

Does that actually work?
Porn helps.  LOL.  I found myself writing a scene the other day where I was actually unsure if the characters could contort themselves in this position in order for it all to work the way I was describing it. 
Tip – clear your browsing history regularly. 

Often having a gay friend who you are comfortable with helps too.  You can always ask them and watch as they fall in hysterics on the floor for five minutes before answering your seriously asked question.  The flip side of this, is I often need to shout “TMI!  TMI!” as they provide details.

Keeping it real – safety and fun.
We’ve all seen it – the use of condoms and lube in m/m romance.  Actually, it’s pretty good at being the norm these days, which I like.  But is it real?  It is something every author must find their own path on.  Sometimes safety will fling a reader out of the scene.  But other times it can be fun.  And if you’ve ever read one of my books, I love to have fun!

My sheltered upbringing meant my sex education came from Cleo magazines and Mills and Boon.  I try to keep this in mind, and keep it realistic for anyone who feels they need to use my book as a “how-to” guide.
Tip – do not try the table scene in The Shearing Gun without a good health plan that includes physiotherapy.

The thin line between emotional and physical.
I was discussing the old argument of “women writing gay romance” with a gay friend the other day.   He said (I would like to say complained, but I won’t) to me, in his experience, men have sex first.  It is only after they’ve had sex that they think about relationships and the emotional. 

In my opinion, this is fiction we are reading/writing, and all sex scenes need to cater for the emotional part of the story as well as the physical.  A sex scene at the beginning of a relationship could possibly be more along the lines of wham-bam-fuck-you-man, whereas toward the climax of the story more a celebration of love.  If the scene only describes the mechanics of the act, then it is for titillation only (see above).
Tip – put the reader in the bed beside the characters without making it a ménage.  The reader wants to know what is going on inside their heads, as well as all the action.

So after I have all of the above straight, writing the scene should be easy, right?  Ha!

As a reader, have you ever felt you couldn’t stop reading at a certain point of the book and leave your characters cold/wet/hungry/scared?  As an author it is doubly so.  Often I come back and my guys have been at it for hours while I hung the washing on the line and did the vacuuming.  I apologise for leaving them in that awkward position (they often talk to me about blue balls!) and quickly try to finish off the scene.

Or sometimes I want a character to do one thing, and he ends up doing another (usually they smirk in my direction as they go off script.)  

At other times I have to yell “Cut!” and have a word to them about putting more emotion into the act.  (This often requires me telling them, “Okay.  Again.  From the beginning!” as I rewrite and add to the scene.)

They take a lot out of me, these sex scenes.  To me, a good writer doesn’t just plonk a scene into a book.  If it feels “plonked,” then I got it wrong.  It needs to be right.

Last month I remember sitting down in front of a manuscript and growling, “Right.  I need to get this scene finished today.  I’ve been at it for two days!”  My mother phoned and asked me if I was busy and what was I up to?  I couldn’t really say, “Well, Paul and Andrew are going for it like bunnies.  Man!  Andrew is kinky!  I've had to do a lot of research on these things! Paul is totally unprepared for it, but as willing as all fuck to go along with it, but really?  How many times can two guys do it in the 2 hours they have?  Do you think that starting in the shower is a good thing?  No, I think Andrew will jump Paul the minute he walks through that hotel door.”

Perhaps you have a different type of relationship with your mother.  But me?  Telling my mother I’ve spent two days writing about two men having sex…?  Just no.

How to contact Renae:

Twitter:  @renaekkaye

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ask Andrew - The Lady Readers

Dear Andrew

Why do you think women like gay novels so much?  I am in a Facebook group and there is a woman that posts photos of men who love each other. I'm not offended, of course, but I wonder....  As a writer, do you find this a little disconcerting? 

Thank you

Dear Agnese

I am asked this type of questions a lot.  I go to various conventions, even gay romance conventions, and I am one of the few men there, either as an author or a reader.  I have talked to many readers and I have to say that I have the answer to your question.  There isn't one answer.  Readers are fans of gay romance for a wide variety of reasons.  Some ladies read gay romance for the heat and the passion of two men together.  Some read because they see the relationship between men as a sort of forbidden fruit.  There is the 'ones good, two's better' answer I get quite often as well, sort of along the line of why straight men like two women together. The answer I like most is that many women feel that love is love, period.  That answer warms my heart no end. 

As for the second part of your question.  I don't find this fascination with men loving each other disconcerting at all.  I thank all the wonderful women and the powers that be for each and every one of my lady readers.  Without them I wouldn't be able to do what I love to do so much.   And I see the effects of this openness and acceptance in many facets of life from the death of DOMA to the rising acceptance of marriage equality.  The attitudes of society are changing and those changes are driven by women.  I further believe that some of the main drivers of that change are romance readers.  They are open minded, vocal, and I love them all.  My lady gay romance readers are amazing and they have helped change the world, or at least my world for the better. 

Hugs and love

Ask Andrew is your chance to ask questions of a gay romance author.  The questions can be about the writing process in general, writing sex scenes, gay men, sex, characters in romance, characters having sex... okay you probably get the picture.    I promise to answer your questions as frankly and with as much humor as I possibly can.

So if you have a question, please send it to andrewgreybooks@comcast.net.  This is different from my usual email so your questions don't get lost.  I will answer one question a week.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Introductions and Smut Rules

First, I want to say hi and let y’all know that we’re so incredibly pleased to have been asked to play here at Cafe Risque. Sean, Julia and I talked about what we’d like to do and we thought, what a good excuse to chat for a bit every week like we used to do, 15 years ago? (OMG, has it been that long?) I can’t guarantee good spelling, proper language or anything but 3 old friends shooting the breeze.

So, today we have Introductions and Smut Rules

[17:27:42] <@BA> *waves*
[17:27:49] <juliaT> hey, you two
[17:27:51] <@BA> Hail, hail, the gang's all heeeeere!
[17:27:59] <juliaT> just like old times, huh?
[17:28:04] <juliaT> like, really old times
[17:28:16] <@BA> Yeah, yeah. Fuck you. ;-)
[17:28:44] <juliaT> <grins and pokes sean> say something so everyone knows you're real
[17:29:11] <Sean> LOL
[17:29:14] <Sean> I'm real
[17:29:25] <Sean> sorry, I was looking at pictures of abs
[17:29:27] <Sean> and drooling
[17:29:34] <@BA> So, we should all be good and introduce ourselves.
[17:29:37] <juliaT> snort. nothing new there
[17:30:02] <Sean> *grins unrepentantly*
[17:30:11] <@BA> You lie, you were looking at that amazing little slide from belly to hip
[17:30:24] <juliaT> Mmm. That's the good stuff
[17:30:30] <Sean> well that's why the abs are so great
[17:30:37] <Sean> they lead to that
[17:30:56] <juliaT> Yep.
[17:31:06] <juliaT> Okay, so I'm Julia Talbot
[17:31:26] <juliaT> I write paranormal and contemp and historical m/m, mmf, m/f and f/f
[17:31:31] <juliaT> all the things!
[17:31:39] <@BA> WRITE ALL THE THINGS!
[17:31:58] <@BA> *ahem*
[17:32:07] <juliaT> yes!
[17:32:09] <Sean> LOL
[17:32:16] <Sean> I'm Sean Michael
[17:32:21] <Sean> I write all the boys
[17:32:31] <Sean> the sweet ones, the raunchy ones
[17:32:35] <Sean> the kinky ones
[17:32:41] <Sean> mostly the kinky ones
[17:32:58] <juliaT> "cracks whip"
[17:33:56] <@BA> I'm BA Tortuga. I'm Sean's best friend, Julia's wife and I'm told I suffer from an excess of personality.
[17:34:06] <@BA> Also, I write lots of people fucking.
[17:34:14] <Sean> mmmm fucking
[17:34:42] <juliaT> yum. that gets right to the core of it, huh?
[17:35:03] <Sean> nods
[17:35:06] <Sean> I love smut
[17:35:10] <Sean> smut rules
[17:35:19] <@BA> Ooooh... that's a good topic.
[17:35:24] <@BA> Smut Rules.
[17:35:46] <@BA> 1. no weird euphemisms
[17:35:57] <@BA> no willie the one eyed wonder worm
[17:36:04] <@BA> no man pole
[17:36:05] <Sean> damn, I'll have to put that one away
[17:36:19] <@BA> no helmeted dripping soldier of lurve
[17:36:53] <Sean> such a spoilsport
[17:37:34] <Sean> ;)
[17:37:37] <juliaT> no purple-helmeted soldier of love?
[17:37:48] <@BA> nope
[17:38:00] <@BA> okay, rule 2?
[17:39:06] <juliaT> uh, no situations where reality intrudes? Head bumpng, farting?
[17:39:47] <@BA> I can see it -- I mean, we've all written that, though...
[17:40:24] <@BA> How about love what you do?
[17:40:32] <@BA> I think that's important
[17:40:34] <Sean> that works
[17:40:35] <Sean> nods
[17:41:47] <@BA> so what about the zipless fuck? the sex without relationship?
[17:41:50] <@BA> Yes or no?
[17:42:10] <Sean> it's not for me
[17:42:13] <juliaT> I like it. I mean, if you're an erotic romance writer who puts in "insert sex scene here" when writing, it shows
[17:42:32] <juliaT> no zipless for me
[17:42:44] <juliaT> I like a lot of smut but it has to mean something
[17:42:58] <Sean> nods
[17:43:07] <@BA> no, me either. So, does that make us total fuddy-duddies?
[17:43:13] <juliaT> maybe
[17:43:22] <@BA> And who the hell came up with fuddy-duddy?
[17:43:27] <juliaT> I think it makes us romance writers more than erotica ;)
[17:43:35] <@BA> It's way more fun to say than to type.
[17:43:58] <juliaT> heee
[17:44:01] <Sean> LOL
[17:44:05] <juliaT> yeah kinda like kumquat
[17:44:30] <juliaT> rule -- what are we on?
[17:44:33] <juliaT> four>
[17:44:33] <juliaT> ?
[17:44:34] <@BA> 4?
[17:44:40] <Sean> 3?
[17:44:42] <@BA> we'll go with four
[17:44:48] <Sean> outvoted
[17:44:53] <@BA> I'm too damned lazy to scroll up
[17:45:37] <juliaT> me, too. Uh, how about adhering to most people's hard limits
[17:46:41] <@BA> That's more a publish rule than a smut rule, isn't it? I mean, I have shit I won't write -- hell, Sean's the one voted most likely to write puppy play -- but that's just personal
[17:47:27] <Sean> hey I like puppy play, it's fun and different
[17:47:31] <juliaT> I don't mind puppy play but I'm unlikely to write it
[17:47:59] <@BA> I wasn't judging (much), I was using you as an example.
[17:48:05] <Sean> LOL
[17:48:09] <@BA> Like Julia's twincest obsession
[17:48:43] <juliaT> O.O
[17:48:51] <juliaT> me? dude, you let my secret out
[17:49:07] <juliaT> I rarely write it anymore because that's a publishy rule, too
[17:49:12] <@BA> In what universe is that a secret?
[17:49:14] <@BA> nods
[17:49:51] <juliaT> :p
[17:50:01] <Sean> LOL
[17:50:56] <@BA> Man, we're (me and J) are watching a movie and this dude's head just fell off.
[17:51:15] <Sean> was lopped off or fell off?
[17:51:19] <@BA> both
[17:51:20] <Sean> because there's a difference
[17:51:31] <@BA> it had been cut at some point
[17:51:41] <@BA> and then, when they tugged on him
[17:51:43] <@BA> BOOM
[17:51:49] <@BA> tendons and sinew
[17:51:51] <Sean> what horrorshow are you watching?
[17:52:14] <@BA> It's called Mindtrap
[17:52:18] <@BA> it's a thriller
[17:52:50] <@BA> totally ridiculous, but a great cast, inventive deaths
[17:52:59] <Sean> any hot men?
[17:53:03] <@BA> Johnny Lee Miller as a southerner
[17:53:10] <@BA> LL Cool J
[17:53:11] <Sean> oh, that's awesome
[17:53:25] <@BA> Christian Slater, if he's your type
[17:53:27] <Sean> Cool
[17:53:30] <juliaT> LL Cool J is the best part
[17:53:38] <@BA> Val Kilmer before he got super puffy
[17:53:38] <Sean> I like Christian Slater
[17:53:55] <@BA> and the hot chick from the Mummy
[17:54:11] <Sean> I was originally going to say it didn't sound like my cup of tea but the eye candy alone would make me happy
[17:54:57] <@BA> *grins*
[17:54:57] <Sean> on the whole, I don't ask a lot from my movies
[17:55:10] <Sean> I'm firmly in the shallow end here
[17:55:14] <@BA> no, you're not the psychotically picky one
[17:55:15] <juliaT> I know, right? That's why I can still watch Hunt for Red October
[17:55:25] <juliaT> which dates me, I'm sure
[17:55:48] <@BA> heeeeee
[17:55:59] <@BA> Aren't any of us babies ;-)
[17:57:23] <@BA> *listens to the crickets*
[17:57:50] <juliaT> Snort. Sean is OLD
[17:57:55] <Sean> shut up
[17:58:00] <@BA> *nods happily*
[17:58:10] <@BA> Way older than me.
[17:58:28] <Sean> shut up
[17:58:36] <juliaT> pokes sean with the old stick
[17:58:48] <Sean> beats you with my cane
[17:58:57] <@BA> *snorts*
[17:59:05] <Sean> Rule #5
[17:59:59] <Sean> um....
[18:00:04] <Sean> I never was good at rules
[18:00:18] <@BA> That's my line.
[18:00:35] <Sean> I'm stealing it because I can't come up with a #5right now
[18:00:43] <@BA> LOL
[18:01:12] <@BA> I bet there's a shitload of rules online. I vaguely remember from when I started
[18:01:21] <juliaT> lol yeah, well
[18:01:34] <@BA> that someone told me every sex scene had to had two separate orgasms
[18:01:38] <juliaT> when we started someone big was suggesting using epithets to describe characters
[18:01:43] <@BA> from one person
[18:02:11] <juliaT> O.o
[18:02:14] <Sean> oh, I've got a #5 then
[18:02:19] <Sean> sex is organic
[18:02:21] <juliaT> cool!
[18:02:30] BA giggles madly
[18:02:43] <@BA> Sex: All Organic and All Natural
[18:02:49] <Sean> LOL
[18:02:51] <Sean> damn right
[18:02:52] <@BA> No Preservatives!
[18:03:21] <juliaT> though try to write a scene without lube, even if they're supernaturals
[18:03:22] <@BA> No Artificial Ingred... Wait. Dildos are made of...
[18:03:23] <juliaT> O.O
[18:03:23] <Sean> well, that depends on what was eaten before hand
[18:03:30] <@BA> Goo.
[18:03:48] <@BA> They're totally made of squishy goo
[18:03:57] <@BA> except for the metal ones
[18:04:12] <@BA> and then there's the glass ones
[18:04:15] <@BA> dude
[18:04:20] <@BA> those are scary
[18:04:39] <juliaT> glass dildoes?
[18:04:40] <juliaT> wait, does the plural have an E
 [18:04:55] <juliaT> or not?
[18:04:58] <Sean> I can never remember
[18:05:01] <Sean> so I sprinkle both in
[18:05:02] <@BA> dildos
[18:05:07] <@BA> dildoes
[18:05:27] <@BA> dildi
[18:05:28] <@BA> ?
[18:05:32] <juliaT> no
[18:05:36] <juliaT> dildii
[18:05:38] <@BA> dildum?
[18:05:46] <Sean> plugs
[18:05:55] <@BA> oh, I like it~
[18:06:22] <juliaT> me, too
[18:06:38] <@BA> heeee!
[18:06:46] <juliaT> so, is this where we all say what our newest release is?
[18:06:59] <@BA> Sonny says, "enough with this chatting shit, it's time to feed the dogs"
[18:07:14] <@BA> He KNOWS 6 o'clock.
[18:07:19] <Sean> LOL
[18:07:55] <@BA> Okay, so, me! I have a collection of shorts coming out on Wednesday from Torquere Press
[18:08:18] <@BA> and an angst-fest novel called Say Something that's releasing September 29 from Dreamspinner.
[18:08:41] <Sean> my latest came out last Wednesday -- Underground: Special Teams featuring cops Hunter and Keifer
[18:08:55] <Sean> BDSM
[18:08:59] <@BA> (eeeee! kinky boys of sparkly joy)
[18:09:06] <Sean> nods -- they are
[18:09:12] <Sean> I'm so excited about them
[18:10:42] <juliaT> I had one come out Wednesday as well. a MMF menage called Georgia Knights at Torquere
[18:10:50] <juliaT> hotness and mystery
[18:11:09] <@BA> nods -- I do love a good menage. :D
[18:11:34] <@BA> Okay, y'all. I'm fixin to feed the beasts. Say goodbye and we'll play again next week!
[18:11:41] <@BA> *smooches* Much love!
[18:11:49] <juliaT> waves at all. Night
[18:11:52] <Sean> night all

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