Monday, September 1, 2014

August Writing Recap by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! I’m happy to report that August didn’t slip away while I wasn’t looking, but it’s still gone so it’s time for my monthly writing recap.

I finished up all the work on McFarland's Farm, the first book in my new contemporary standalone novella grouping called Hope. This is my first venture away from traditional publishing but I’m hesitant to
call it self-publishing because I didn’t do it myself. I had help from a wonderful editor (Jae Ashley), gorgeous art from Reese Dante, and I had the amazing Kelly Shorten holding my hand and doing all the hard behind the scenes work. After hearing from readers (thank you!), I decided to put the book up at multiple sites. You can see all the preorder links on my website and it’ll be released September 10th.

As part of the pre-release fun for that book, I'm taking over Surrender to Books Facebook page for an hour on Wednesday. I hope you can join me to chat books.

I finished edits and the galley proof for The Half of Us, a contemporary novel in my Family series. It’ll be released on October 10th. The official cover will be revealed at Shh Moms Reading on September 15th, but here's what I have for now:

I finished writing Blue Mountain, the first book in my new wolf shifter standalone novella grouping called Pack. I enjoyed jumping back into the paranormal world for that one.

Speaking of paranormal, I’m working on a new novel-length paranormal standalone grouping called Siphon. I’m excited about the world for those novels and the unique lions living in it. The working title for the first book is James.

Have a great week.


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