Monday, September 15, 2014

Fun Contest & Cover Reveal by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! Today I have a contest to announce and a cover reveal!


Amazon is a strange and wonderful book buying place. It seems that getting reviews on their site makes Amazon happy. And when Amazon is happy, they choose a book to include on their "recommended for you" lists that we get when we log onto our accounts. 

I don't read reviews unless people send them to me (both for emotional self-preservation and because I think reviews are for readers, not authors), but I'd love to see McFarland's Farm on those recommended lists so .... here's the contest:


  1. Post an honest review of McFarland's Farm on Amazon. (Doesn't matter what the rating is or what the review says, you get entered whether you loved the book, hated it, or somewhere in between.)
  2. Send a link to my friend Ora (who is helping me with all sorts of stuff) by Sunday, September 21st. (I won't read the reviews so no worries about that.)
  3. Ora will choose a winner through a random name generator and we'll announce the winner on this blog next week.


  1. Name the lion pride in my upcoming lion shifter novel.
  2. Name a character in that novel.
  3. Be acknowledged in the book (unless you want to maintain your privacy).
  4. And get an early release copy of the book!

Cover Reveal

My other exciting news is that I'm revealing the cover for my upcoming contemporary novel The Half of Us at Shh Moms Reading right now. The book is in my Family series but like the rest of the series, it's a standalone. Release date is October 10th and it's available for preorder now. 

Have a terrific week!

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