Tuesday, September 30, 2014

School Days, Swiffers and Bad Ideas


[20:03:23] <BA> Boo!

[20:03:32] <@Sean> Eeek!

[20:03:50] <julia> Yikes

[20:03:55] <julia> :D

[20:04:12] BA leans

[20:04:26] <BA> lord love a duck, what a busy day. Packing sucks!

[20:04:46] <@Sean> it does -- I hate moving so I'm glad it's not me

[20:05:47] <BA> :P

[20:05:52] <julia> But we'll own and not rent

[20:05:56] <julia> yay!

[20:06:09] <@Sean> nods -- that's very cool

[20:06:15] <@Sean> good for you guys

[20:06:24] <BA> Yay!

[20:06:53] <BA> Yeah, hopefully I'll be unpacked before you come.

[20:06:58] <BA> ;-)

[20:07:14] <@Sean> yeah, boxes are hard to sleep on

[20:07:26] <julia> LOL. The bassets do just fine

[20:07:32] <@Sean> LOL!

[20:07:45] <BA> grins

[20:07:47] <BA> so

[20:07:50] <BA> I had an idea

[20:07:54] <julia> oh no

[20:07:56] <@Sean> uhoh

[20:08:03] <@Sean> the most dangerous words ;)

[20:08:09] <BA> why does everybody ALWAYS say that?

[20:08:18] <julia> because it's always a neat idea

[20:08:24] <julia> but always means work ;)

[20:08:27] <@Sean> yep

[20:09:00] <BA> I was thinkin' that we could tell stories on school days for our characters

[20:09:11] <BA> like, Coke? Was an AWFUL student.

[20:09:28] <@Sean> heeee

[20:09:30] <BA> Awful, but he loves to read. Like now, he reads a book a day, easy.

[20:09:39] <@Sean> that's cool

[20:09:47] <@Sean> I love Coke

[20:09:52] <BA> me too!

[20:09:59] <julia> I like Coke. He's my second fav Roughstock boy

[20:10:14] <julia> Dillon being my first

[20:10:16] <julia> ;)

[20:10:16] <BA> He's getting a whole 'nother book where we find out about his history.

[20:10:23] <@Sean> oh too cool

[20:10:51] <BA> Dillon was/is great at math. He has an accounting degree. O.O

[20:11:01] <julia> The things we learn!

[20:11:03] <julia> Lesse

[20:11:12] <@Sean> poor man ;)

[20:11:16] <julia> Jonny from the Bloodrose never went to a school

[20:11:22] <julia> he had tutors

[20:11:45] <@Sean> he was always a rich dude, eh?

[20:12:06] <BA> He seems like he was private tutory

[20:12:20] <julia> he was pretty well off

[20:13:06] <julia> and Deke, the werewolf who does security with Kasey in the same series, he was too wolfy for traditional school

[20:13:15] <julia> kind of a homeschool deal

[20:13:23] <@Sean> heee

[20:13:27] <BA> DId he got to obedience school at PetSmart?

[20:13:32] <BA> go, even

[20:13:39] <@Sean> *cackles*

[20:13:42] <julia> cackles

[20:13:48] <julia> Sit. Stay.

[20:14:06] <BA> Roll over. Hump that other dog. Good boy!

[20:14:32] <julia> Nah, Deke doesn't hump other wolves

[20:14:39] <julia> He has a vamp fetish

[20:14:46] <BA> heeeeee!

[20:14:58] <julia> What about the Hammer boys, Sean?

[20:15:14] <@Sean> Billy was an A student

[20:15:27] <@Sean> Tanny got an A in truancy

[20:15:35] <BA> heeeee!

[20:15:40] <BA> Never say it!

[20:15:44] <julia> but I bet he did well in shop, right?

[20:15:49] <julia> since he works with his hands

[20:16:05] <@Sean> he just didn't learn the way they taught

[20:16:13] <julia> Poor Tannny

[20:16:17] <@Sean> yeah

[20:16:32] <@Sean> although he got Billy in the end, so probably not so much with the poor ;)

[20:16:38] <BA> :D

[20:16:42] <julia> Nodnods

[20:16:48] <julia> Go him!

[20:17:21] <@Sean> Jim was extremely conscientious and got high grades

[20:17:40] <@Sean> while Marcus was a numbers and dexterity man

[20:17:54] <@Sean> shop and math were his go tos

[20:18:02] <julia> grins

[20:18:24] <julia> if we go waaaay back to the Thatchers for me[20:18:31] <julia> Jed was a solid B guy

[20:18:47] <julia> Ken, the middle brother was a suck up and an A student

[20:18:54] <@Sean> LOL

[20:19:03] <BA> heeeee

[20:19:05] <julia> and Ross coasted with a very unrespectable 2.0 for a long time ;)

[20:19:12] <BA> Marcus. Dexerity. *giggles*

[20:19:26] <BA> Do not diss my baby Ross

[20:19:33] <BA> *snuggles him so hard*

[20:19:36] <julia> Oh hey, he's plenty smart

[20:19:40] <julia> just boooored

[20:19:47] <julia> why do you think he jumps out of planes?

[20:20:00] <@Sean> heeeee

[20:20:01] <BA> same reason Rigger does?

[20:20:14] <julia> <looks at Sean>

[20:20:27] <@Sean> to get to the marines of course!

[20:20:37] <julia> oh, yeah

[20:20:40] <BA> LOL!

[20:21:01] <@Sean> Rock is the surprising one of that bunch -- he was not a bad student

[20:21:19] <@Sean> whereas Dick was a little shit -- plenty smart but even more smartass

[20:21:30] <BA> Apropos of nothing -- we're watching this house hunty show and there's a dude that's terrified of the water wanting to move to the ocean...

[20:21:38] <@Sean> there's a reason he *had* to join up

[20:21:52] <BA> Dick is a bad, bad jarhead

[20:21:54] <BA> ;-)

[20:22:04] <julia> snort

[20:22:08] <@Sean> but he's a good, good lover

[20:22:20] <@Sean> poor Dick never gets the love[

20:22:21] <julia> Ross had that choice, you know? Army or jail

[20:22:42] <BA> Mike from Say Something was a good student, like doggedly solid, Jenson, not some much with that whole book learning thing, but he's not stupid

[20:22:48] <julia> He went Army to save his mom the horror ;)

[20:22:57] <BA> heeeee!

[20:23:00] <@Sean> lol

[20:23:01] <BA> *loves Nancy*

[20:24:06] <julia> thanks, hon. Mom Thatcher was my mom, really

[20:24:35] <@Sean> that's cool

[20:24:45] <BA> Yeah, I'm not sure my mom has appeared in a book yet -- although Ellen Redding has her mouth ;-)

[20:24:50] <julia> Oh! BA, what about my faves of yours?

[20:24:59] <julia> Sonny and MJ from the Road Trip series

[20:25:39] <BA> Sonny was on track for college, believe it or not, but he had that beaten out of him.

[20:25:42] <BA> MJ?

[20:25:44] <BA> Oh, y'all.

[20:26:54] <BA> He was like this Wile E. Coyote Super Genius kid. Got recruited super young. Had a PhD before he was an adult. He's like Spenser Reid from Criminal Minds, but sexy and pissed off.

[20:27:07] <BA> Spencer? Spenser?

[20:27:38] <BA> He was the best to write. So fucking wicked

[20:28:00] <@Sean> how fun

[20:28:16] <BA> I miss him. You know how that is? You have a character whose story has been told but...

[20:28:24] <@Sean> yeah, I hear that


[20:28:48] <@Sean> heeee

[20:29:37] <BA> I'd write MJ and Sonny again.

[20:29:44] <BA> in a heartbeat.

[20:30:57] <BA> *sighs* Okay, now I'm depressed. ;-)

[20:31:07] <BA> someone tell me something amazing

[20:31:49] <@Sean> your new book comes out tomorrow

[20:32:01] <BA> eeee!

[20:32:13] <julia> Yes!

[20:32:13] <BA> Or, in blog time, it came out yesterday.

[20:32:14] <BA> :D

[20:32:20] <julia> Mike and Jenson

[20:32:22] <@Sean> heee, right

[20:32:35] <julia> they broke me

[20:32:37] <julia> I sobbed

[20:32:41] <julia> I ranted

[20:32:44] <julia> I raved

[20:32:47] <julia> I adore them

[20:33:03] <@Sean> I haven't had a chance to read them yet

[20:33:10] <@Sean> but I have heard all about them :)

[20:33:22] <BA> They were hard -- Sean, I told you about them last year during a long drive and a snow storm, remember?

[20:33:25] <BA> ;-)

[20:33:28] <@Sean> nods

[20:33:30] <@Sean> yep

[20:33:30] <julia> I beta read it

[20:33:46] <BA> Also, you officially suck as a best friend. ;-)

[20:33:52] <@Sean> I know!

[20:33:56] <BA> LOLOL!

[20:34:09] <BA> *giggles madly*

[20:34:46] <@Sean> I'd promise to be better, but I'm not that organized

[20:35:29] <BA> *grins* I have embraced the bullet journal. I'm driving J out of her mind.

[20:36:02] <@Sean> this is that thing where you write all the thoughts down in point form as you have them?

[20:36:22] BA nods -- there's a website, hold on

[20:36:25] <@Sean> or is it a journal that's shaped like a bullet?

[20:36:34] <julia> rolls eyes at Sean

[20:36:38] <julia> you

[20:36:43] <julia> Canadian

[20:36:44] <@Sean> I can't resist!

[20:36:46] <BA> http://bulletjournal.com/

[20:37:01] <julia> I even have one O.O

[20:37:06] <BA> well, the worst part is you *know* that evil mind is going

[20:37:09] <BA> bullet

[20:37:20] <BA> butt plug

[20:37:27] <BA> kink

[20:37:31] <BA> boom

[20:37:31] <@Sean> nods

[20:37:46] <@Sean> it's true, I'd probably be way better at keeping a butt plug journal than a bullet journal

[20:38:08] <BA> bwahahahahaha!

[20:38:27] <BA> Day One: 1 inch diameter, plastic, 3 inches long

[20:38:39] <BA> Day Two: Steel, shaped like an ice cream cone

[20:38:53] <BA> Day Three: I think that was a trailer hitch...

[20:38:57] <@Sean> LOLOL

[20:39:22] <BA> Who knows you? ;-)

[20:39:54] <@Sean> nope, not me, I'm pure as the driven snow....

[20:39:58] <BA> Oh, man. Ice coffee rocks.

[20:40:05] <@Sean> okay, even I can't say it with a straight face

[20:40:12] <BA> Oh, bullshit. You're just Canadian so everyone believes that

[20:40:42] <BA> You blink innocently, throw in an 'eh' and it's all over

[20:40:52] <@Sean> cackles

[20:41:24] <BA> "What a dear. How charming. How very polite."

[20:41:54] <@Sean> yep

[20:41:58] <BA> and I'm going... Have you had a discussion about crowning with Sean? Like in a public place? Loudly?

[20:42:16] <@Sean> as long as they don't see what's on the hard drive I'm golden

[20:42:22] <@Sean> cackles

[20:42:42] <@Sean> loudly is the only way to have a public discussion about crowning

[20:42:47] <BA> fuck yes!

[20:42:51] <julia> Man, a girl goes to pee

[20:43:01] <julia> and y'all revert to kink

[20:43:12] <@Sean> you know you can't leave us alone

[20:43:12] <BA> That was early on, wasn't it? I laughed so hard I damn near wet myself.

[20:43:38] <@Sean> nods

[20:43:41] <@Sean> I couldn't breathe

[20:43:42] <julia> Go ahead and snicker about things that happened without me

[20:43:46] <julia> I see how it is ;)

[20:43:49] <BA> LOL!

[20:44:22] <julia> then again, BA and I had the time traveling butt plug

[20:44:41] <BA> yeah, that was an idea whose time never came

[20:44:47] <BA> (I said came)

[20:44:53] <@Sean> LOL

[20:44:57] <julia> chortles

[20:45:06] <julia> okay, clearly it's wine o'clock

[20:45:31] <BA> Oh! Sean! We made these drinks!

[20:45:48] <BA> Caramel apple vodka, pumpkin spice liqueur and apple cider

[20:45:50] <BA> OMG

[20:45:59] <BA> they're like apple heaven

[20:46:04] <BA> I could drink 12

[20:46:06] <@Sean> heeeee

[20:46:14] <BA> and then you'd have to peel my happy ass off the floor

[20:46:18] <@Sean> nods

[20:46:21] <BA> we'll have to make them when you're here

[20:46:29] <julia> I'd leave you for the centipedes

[20:46:35] <BA> Liar

[20:46:47] <BA> You saved me from the evil centipede of doom

[20:46:47] <@Sean> LOL

[20:46:49] <BA> I know

[20:47:14] <BA> of course, if I passed out, J'd be going -- *poke*

[20:47:19] <BA> *poke*

[20:47:20] <julia> I would

[20:47:26] <julia> she's not a passer outer

[20:47:30] <BA> "Don't make me use the swiffer"

[20:47:37] <@Sean> LOLOL

[20:47:50] <julia> the Swiffer is the best bug killer EVER!

[20:47:56] <BA> true story

[20:48:14] <BA> it can kill 3-4 crickets at a time

[20:48:27] <@Sean> crickets do not belong indoors

[20:48:34] <BA> no

[20:48:40] <BA> and we had an infestation

[20:48:52] <julia> OMG it was awful

[20:48:59] <@Sean> :P

[20:49:57] BA leans and snuggles. I guess we should say all the promo-y things.


[20:50:24] <BA> *ahem*

[20:50:34] <BA> Yeah, I have a new release. It's cool.

[20:50:41] <@Sean> *grins*

[20:51:18] <@Sean> very cool

[20:52:00] <@Sean> Bruised is available for early download at Totally Bound

[20:52:20] <@Sean> it's a reprint and it's nice to see it available again

[20:52:28] <BA> It has a neat cover.

[20:52:34] <@Sean> nods[

20:52:45] <@Sean> it does

[20:53:26] <julia> Uh. Blinks. I have Java Rocks coming out in the Dreamspinner writing anthology

[20:53:46]<julia> and I have a Full Moon Dating AND an Elemental Ops out in November

[20:53:57] <@Sean> cool!

[20:53:58] <BA> and we all have CEREUS!

[20:54:03] <julia> eeeee

[20:54:04] <julia> yes

[20:54:05] <BA> (write faster)

[20:54:06] <julia> :D

[20:54:14] <julia> tappity tappity

[20:54:18] <julia> going to write now

[20:54:19] <@Sean> that's October 17, right?

[20:54:22] <julia> waves and hugs

[20:54:34] <BA> nods. That's the plan.

[20:54:52] <@Sean> I can't wait to share my spirit bear and his slightly nutty human

[20:55:04] <BA> Love y'all. Can't wait for next week. *smooches*

[20:55:13] <@Sean> Night!

[20:55:20] <BA> I imagine next week's discussion will be "moving sucks"

[20:55:29] <@Sean> heeeee!

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