Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ask Andrew - Audiobook Narrators

Dear Andrew,

I was wondering how you choose the narrator for your audiobooks. I know there is a list of “golden voices” of narrators for many of the audiobooks out there. Do you use a list as a reference? How do you know if the narrator will convey the tone or inflection the way you envisioned when you were writing the book initially?

Dear Mary
When choosing the narrator for my audiobooks, I listen to the voice of the narrator very carefully.  At the start of the process they provide an audition sample and I listen to all of those.  Sometimes you get lucky and a narrator will sound just like one of the characters in my head, but that doesn't happen very often.  What I really look for is a mellow voice that sounds interesting and one I would like to listen to for 6 to 8 hours and one that fits the overall tone of the story.  I chose a younger sounding narrator for Organic Chemistry than I did for Inside Out.
The thing that I need to keep in mind during this process is that we are producing a narration, not a theatrical production of the story.  As for the tone of the narration, I try to listen for the major characters in the audition to make sure they sound good.  After that, it can be a little like a leap of faith.  (I need to add here that for those of you who don't know, I am the audiobook coordinator for Dreamspinner Press)
As for a list of Golden Voices, there isn't one necessarily. There are narrators that we have a history of working with and we often return to them because the quality of their work is known, but there are new narrators working all the time with great, energetic voices that are wonderful to hear.  What I'd like to know is what you as a reader listen for in a narrator.  Comment here or on the Facebook post. 
Hugs and Love
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  1. I listen for passion, feeling, and different sounding tones for different characters. In one of your love books, I think Geoff should have had a deeper voice than Eli but that's just what was in my head. I always thought of Eli being soft spoken. I have favorite narrators: Jeff Gelder, Sean Crisden and Paul Morey. But if the narrator can get the feeling of the book across, then I'm happy, Except for this last one, I have all of your books you have on audio. But I have read them first on my kindle.