Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ask Andrew - Bears, Bears, Bears

Dear Andrew

In one of your blogs you talked about watching a bear groom it's cub , but went on to say in was too private to share. My curiosity was peaked! What was he doing? I tried to use the Internet to answer the question but when you search "bear grooming cub" you see a lot of "bears" not the kind I was looking for.


Dear Katie

For those of you who don't know, I went to a Bear, Biker, and Mayhem weekend in March to sell books.  It was a great weekend and the guys were really wonderful.  One of the vendors in the room was a boot black.  He was cleaning and polishing people's boots for charity.  He was a very nice man, kind and soft spoken.  At one point during the weekend one of the Alpha men sat in his chair and had his boots polished.  When it was completed, the boot black was paid.  Then the alpha caught the boot black's gaze.  I could feel the intensity across the room.  The boot black stood and moved closer, into the other man's arms.  The larger man cradled the boot black's head and then he processed to 'groom' him, stroking his short hair, chin, and neck. 

The men weren't lovers and what was happening wasn't overtly sexual, though it had definite tones that things could go there if both of them wanted.  What I witnessed was an act that was very intimate.  I had to look away because I felt like a voyeur and they all had their clothes on.  After a few minutes the boot black moved away and the man got out of the chair and went back to his business.  I do need to say that the boot black's lover was there and didn't seem to react other than being pleased.  As I said at the time, it was one of the most intimate acts I've ever witnessed and they all had their clothes on. 

As for searching the internet, that's a tough one.  Gay Bears came up with mostly porn hits as did a number of other searches.  I really hope I answered your question and for the record I am planning to attend next year's event.  Maybe I'll see something as interesting. 

Hugs and Love

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  1. I learned something nice today! Thanks for the question, Katie, and the answer, Andrew. :-)