Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Moving Sucks, Movies & TV, and Blind Vamps

<BA> Boo.
<BA> Also, moving sucks.
<BA> But! We are about, what? 75% in the new house, babe?
<BA> We're sleeping here. We have the puppers here.
<BA> TV comes tomorrow
<Sean> that's cool
<BA> nods
<BA> I hope so. *grins*
<BA> I'm so tired.
<julia> I am going nuts
<julia> the dogs are cray cray
<Sean> they don't get it, eh?
<BA> nope
<BA> everything's in chaos
<BA> new yard
<BA> and the layout couldn't be more different
<BA> well, it's still a one story, but that's about it
<Sean> *grins*
<Sean> now I'm trying to imagine the bassets going up and down stairs
<BA> yeah, that's not happening
<BA> these are the dogs that wouldn't walk past the Swiffer
<Sean> lolol
<Sean> well you never know with those Swiffers
<BA> it doesn't help that it turned cold like two days ago
<BA> and suddenly they're super energy dogs
<Sean> nods
 * BA leans
<BA> how was Thanksgiving, honey?
<Sean> I'm pretty fried myself tonight
<Sean> it was good
<BA> share the menu
<Sean> there was turkey
<Sean> squash casserole
<BA> mmm
<julia> oh
<BA> Julia makes that for me
<Sean> a sweet potato/regular potato scalloped potatoes
<julia> squash casserole
<Sean> nods
<julia> uhn
<Sean> it was oh gratin
<Sean> it was really good
<Sean> honey rosemary glazed carrots
<Sean> steamed broccoli
<julia> is canadian squash casserole the same as southern american
<Sean> hell if I know
<Sean> *grins*
<Sean> it was uh, squash with cheese and breadcrumbs on top
<Sean> and I don't know if there was vinegar in with the squash, but there was something with that sour note that I really liked
<julia> lol
<julia> oh
<julia> no
<julia> that's not  the same at all
<BA> heeeeee
<julia> I mean, I would try it
<julia> but no
* BA giggles
<Sean> we had pumpkin pie and something called fruit cocktail poudding
<Sean> for dessert
 * BA gags
<BA> Oh, god
<BA> warn a girl
<Sean> LOL
<BA> Yeah. No.
<BA> NO.
<julia> poudding?
<BA> Bad. Bad bad bad.
 * BA cackles
<julia> that sounds grossly sexual
<Sean> yeah, there were guests from australia
<julia> now, if you mean pudding
<Sean> and they baked this thing
<julia> that's never good
<julia> this thing
<Sean> with a big can of fruit cocktail and flour and stuff and it got put in the oven
<julia> makes ack eyes O.o
<Sean> and turned out like a custardy cake with the pieces of fruit
<julia> no
<julia> I can handle pineapple upside down
<Sean> you know how the brits call stuff poudding that's not really poudding?
<julia> apple spice cake
<BA> did anyone else have a Steel Magnolias moment?
<julia> but whoa
<Sean> and yeah, I know I'm spelling that wrong every damn time
<BA> nods
<julia> what with the Saint Bernard?
<BA> no, dingleberry -- Dolly and the cuppa cuppa cuppa
<julia> oh
<julia> well, you didn't say which moment
<julia> I thought you might hit Ouisa
<BA> "That's our son, we're SO PROUD."
<BA> Man, I can quote that movie line by line.
<Sean> *grins*
<BA> Steel Magnolias, Moulin Rouge and Jurassic Park
<BA> Julia can do The Mummy, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Clue
<BA> Sean can do... The Phantom Menace
<Sean> possibly
<BA> Oh, you could.
<BA> I may have even witnessed it.
<Sean> Heee
<Sean> "I'll handle this."
<BA> *cackles*
<Sean> and that stride in that robe and those boots
<Sean> guh...
<BA> little slut
<Sean> me or Obi?
<Sean> ;)
<BA> You. Duh.
<julia> Oh no
<julia> Sean needs to go TV and do Hortatio Caine
<Sean> LOL
<BA> nobody does Horatio like you, honey
<Sean> *pulls off the glasses and looks soulfully into the distance*
<BA> bwah!
<Sean> that show was pure crack
 * BA resists the urge to go, "you said crack".
<Sean> you knew it was insane but you just had to keep watching to see just how insane it would get
<julia> oh god yes
<BA> That's the one of the CSIs I didn't watch
<julia> now. NCIS New Orleans I like
<BA> Are you watching NCIS NOLA?
 * BA grins at the wife.
<BA> Obviously we're enjoying it.
<Sean> nodnods
<Sean> yep
<Sean> the LA boys are still my favorite
<BA> Julia is a Gibbs girl
<julia> I am
<julia> and Tony
<BA> we stopped watching the LA ones the end of the 2nd season
<julia> nods
<julia> when Sam cheats on his wife as
<julia> "part of the job"
<julia> we're romance writers damn it
<Sean> nods
<julia> not cheating
<Sean> that pissed me off
<Sean> as did the fact that out of a blue, he has a wife
<BA> at some point, aren't we supposed to scream SPOILERS?
<Sean> do you still have to do that if it's from a couple years ago?
<BA> How the fuck should I know?
<BA> Love them
<BA> search them out
<Sean> not me
<BA> read the last page of the book first
<BA> it's way less stressful
<BA> I'm way more interested in the whole why than the plot
<Sean> I like not knowing
<BA> which surprises no one
<BA> odd fact? I hate watching a movie for the first time.
<BA> Absolutely hate it.
<julia> I like to know
<julia> I watch things on twice in a row, like Project Runway
<julia> at the second time slot so I can see who went home
<BA> nods
<BA> yep
<BA> so, if it sucked, you haven't wasted an hour
<Sean> heeee
<BA> It's just less stress
<julia> exactly! And you're not weirdly embarrased
<julia> I hate watching a movie the first time
<julia> what if it's really poorly written and no one told me?
<Sean> heeee
<Sean> then you turn it off
<Sean> I tried to watch that A Million Ways to Die in the West or whatever it's called
<Sean> Stu
<Sean> Pid
<BA> It had Liam Neeson in it
<Sean> it did
<Sean> still Stu. Pid.
<Sean> I turned it off
<BA> we watched a movie last month, J
<BA> what was it?
<julia> uh
<julia> it had ewan macgregor and pierce brosnan
<julia> ghost writer?
<Sean> Ghost Writer?
<julia> yeah
<Sean> heee,  that must have been it
<BA> we were so proud
<Sean> I haven't seen that one
<BA> we watched a whole movie
<julia> it's okay
<julia> I mean, we stuck with it
<julia> grins
<Sean> there needs to be a new awesome Ewan movie
<Sean> it's been too long
<julia> yes! where he gets naked
<Sean> yes
<BA> waggle waggle waggle
<julia> hey, he so enjoys being naked
<julia> so why shouldn't we?
<BA> that's my naked Ewan impression
<BA> ;-)
<Sean> lol
<julia> you're hilarious
<julia> stares
<BA> O.O
<BA> @.@
<BA> o.o
<Sean> crazy eyes
<BA> (0)_(0)
<Sean> lol
 * BA siiiiiiiings
<julia> lolol
<julia> I think the song is Hungry Eyes
<BA> "Have I told you lately that I love yooooooooooooooooooooou?"
<julia> Every day :D
<Sean> are the dogs howling along?
<BA> they are SNOOZING
<BA> they had a huge howl
<BA> and now they're convinced we're not going to leave again tonight
<BA> is it possible to watch the Voice on the computer?
<Sean> I have no idea
<Sean> but probably
<Sean> you can watch pretty much everything on the computer now
<BA> aren't you supposed to be the technological one?
<BA> we have roles damn it
<BA> I obviously don't know what the fuck they are
<BA> but there are roles
<Sean> LOL
<julia> I am only good in support
<julia> not tech support
<julia> just cheering
<BA> Okay, love. I have another hour of work, we have to move all the things from the garage, we have a chat in 90 minutes and we have to set up all the TVs
<BA> O.o
<Sean> good grief
<BA> and I have to do it without melting down
<BA> I know, right
<BA> ?
<julia> cries
<Sean> moving sucks
<BA> indeed.
<julia> hugs all around
<BA> Oh, I have a book coming out.
<BA> Wednesday.
<Sean> oh tell
<BA> Old West Blind Vampire BDSM
<BA> tell me I don't know cross genre
<julia> Woo!
<Sean> LOLOL
<Sean> what's it called?
<julia> Oh!
<BA> the only thing that could make it better would be motorcycles and a random billionaire...
<julia> I have a story in Hot Off the Press at Dreamspinner Nov 10
<julia> http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5672
<julia> the billionaire's blind vamp
<BA> *looks at Julia*
<julia> sorry
<BA> is called...
<Sean> promo blocked!
<BA> what's the name of it, J?
<Sean> the new cock block ;)
<julia> Those Who Cannot See
<julia> or something
<BA> (she does all my titles)
<julia> I only edited the anthology
<BA> and I dare Sean
<BA> to write me The Billionaire's Blind Vamp
<BA> I want hotness
<BA> and kink
<BA> and hurt comfort
<Sean> does it have to have a billionaire and a blind vamp?
<Sean> or can it be a deaf werewolf and a pauper?
<BA> *glares*
<BA> Pay attention
<Sean> *goes for innocent*
<BA> 08:33 BA and I dare Sean
<BA> 08:33 BA to write me The Billionaire's Blind Vamp
<BA> 08:34 BA I want hotness
<BA> 08:34 BA and kink
<BA> 08:34 BA and hurt comfort
<BA> there.
<Sean> LOLOL
<BA> What I want.
<Sean> okay, I have my marching orders
<BA> Go forth and write things that make me happy.
<BA> Thank you.
<BA> *kisses*
<Sean> anytime
<BA> Night, lovely. Sleep well and I'll talk at you tomorrow. :D
<Sean> nods
<BA> *waves*
<Sean> night all

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