Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ask Andrew - Audiobook Production

Dear Andrew,
I read your blog about audio narrators because a short while ago someone suggested to me that I get my books done in audio format for readers who were visually impaired.  I had always steered away from them because when I did some research I had felt that it was something that was really expensive to get done professionally.

In your opinion are there enough sales in the audio market for m/m books to justify the cost and could you give any tips or suggestions on how an author (who is a total newbie to the whole audio side of things) can go about doing this successfully.
Dear Lisa
Its hard for me to answer specifically whether audiobook production is expensive because it depends on a number of factors, including what is expensive to you.  However to answer your first question, there can be enough sales for m/m books to justify the cost of creating audiobooks.  However, there are some things that each author should know.  First, the cost viability depends a great deal on the amount you pay your narrator.  So my first advice is to be careful and thoughtful when choosing your narrator and then negotiating the rate that they will charge.  I'm not saying to rake the narrator over the coals, but be careful in the amount you pay.  Choose a voice that you'd like to listen to for 6 to 8 hours.  But don't become so fixated on having one particular voice that you overpay to get it. 
The audiobook listener isn't necessarily the same customer as the e-book reader.  There is overlap, but audiobook listeners are a separate customer that you will need to market too.   This will take additional time and possibly expense on your part.  
As for producing your own audiobooks, its my suggestion is to do your research.  There are various tools and videos out there to help you through the process.  Audible has a set of tools for making your title available for audition by potential narrators and the ACX application will help you through the process, but that's just the mechanics.   Be sure to do your business research to make sure that this is viable for you. 
Hugs and Love
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