Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monkey Butt Bellybuttons

<julia> Hey y'all!
<julia> One more week and we have a sean yeah!
<BA> Woowoo!
<julia> or rather
<julia> Sean, yeah?
<sean> wooohooo
<BA> *grins*
<BA> I can't wait!
<sean> me neither
<BA> do you have a list of food you want?
<sean> all the food
<sean> ;)
<BA> heeeee
<BA> Julia's brother just left today. He was on his best behavior :D
<sean> LOL
<julia> he was
<julia> it was a good visit
<BA> nods
<sean> excellent
<BA> we put the fire table together
<sean> there's a revolving door chez blinky squinson, eh?
<BA> nods
<BA> you know it
<julia> lord yes
<sean> I imagine there will be turkey
<BA> so, we played Cards Against Humanity with them
<sean> Cards Against Humanity?
<BA> there is nothing more funny than making your brother in law say "Pac-Man guzzling cum"
<sean> LOL
<BA> or "two midgets shitting in a bucket"
<BA> oh, I'm TOTALLY introducing you to this game, honey
<sean> yes, it sounds like you must
<BA> you will lose your shit
<julia> LOL
<julia> OMG it's hilarious
<julia> and my bro and his wife valiantly plowed through
<BA> nods
<BA> it was amazing
<sean> grins
<julia> we will be way dirtier I imagine
<BA> they're a wee bit buttoned up
<sean> us?
<sean> dirty?
<sean> never
<BA> filthy?
<BA> ribald?
<BA> perverse?
<sean> innocent as the driven snow, I tell you
<julia> yellow snow you mean?
<sean> I was just polishing my uh... halo this morning
<BA> ew...
<BA> it's supposed to snow here this weekend
<BA> O.O
<julia> nope
<julia> I reject that reality
<sean> oh it should wait 'til I come!
<sean> we had snow last weekend
<sean> it didn't stick at all
<sean> but it was snow while it was coming down
<BA> *grins*
<sean> I might have done my version of the happy dance
<BA> Last year, the snow waited for you
<sean> it did!
<julia> but this year
<BA> I think we should take the train to Santa Fe while you're here
<julia> no big dump of leaves to clean up
<sean> I second that motion BA
<julia> that tree stayed at the rental house
<BA> I want to sit outside in the snow with the firepit on and toast snowy marshmallows
<julia> oooh
<julia> I like it
<sean> that sounds perfect
<BA> nods
<BA> how many years have you come for thanksgiving, honey?
<BA> six?
<BA> seven?
<sean> not that many I don't think
<sean> five?
<sean> two at round rock, one in georgetown and this'll be two in NM
<sean> right?
<BA> there may have been three in round rock...
<BA> not in a row, though
<sean> no
<BA> you came the year my stepmom died
<BA> not the next
<BA> the year after J and I went to Daddy's
<BA> now we're up to 2008...
<julia> math
<julia> bah
<BA> turkey
<sean> lol
<BA> (pun intended)
<BA> So I did one of those, I'm getting older things today
<BA> I bought gray hair brightening shampoo
<BA> O.O
<sean> to make your grey hair stand out?
<julia> heeee
<BA> nods
<julia> and to soften it
<BA> well, it sort of does that
<sean> ah
<julia> she got sparkly gray conditioner
<BA> but it's a pretty silver
<julia> :D
<sean> cool
<BA> and I want it to be silverier
<BA> it just happened
<BA> I swear
<BA> last year I wasn't gray
<BA> then I get married?
<BA> and BOOM
<BA> ;-)
<sean> cackles
<BA> (waits for Julia to respond)
<julia> I have no gray
<julia> just sayin;
<BA> that's because I ROCK as a wife
<BA> :D
<sean> heeeee
<julia> yep
<julia> and I am sooooooooo trying
<julia> heee
<julia> I can be a bit stressed sometimes it's true
<BA> *kisses*
<BA> you are my girl
<BA> so, let's tell a story.
<BA> I'll start:
<sean> you guys are like the yin yang symbol
<sean> you fit together perfectly
<julia> yup
<julia> okay
<julia> story
<julia> :
<BA> Once upon a time there was a man with a bellybutton that looked like a monkey's backside.
 * sean looks at BA
<julia> No one wanted to have sex with him unless he was on all fours.
<sean> except for gay monkeys
<BA> (what? We were at the zoo yesterday)
<BA> All the gay monkeys stared and drooled whenever he jogged by the monkey house shirtless and hooted lustfully from their enclosure.
<sean> lol
<julia> They did not fling things at him.
<BA> One day, one of the little dudes that worked at the zoo that was not a zookeeper, because those are rare, saw the monkey-naveled guy and sprung wood like whoa.
<sean> lol
<julia> He went, oh, I love monkey butts but that's weird
<julia> . So this is my perfect man.
<BA> Also, he had a secret.
<BA> He had a mole that looked just like Tony the Tiger.
<julia> Good thing monkey butt man loves Frosted Flakes.
<julia> <did I just change verb tenses?>
<BA> (you should hear Julia. She's sitting here, wiggling her eyebrows and going MONKEY BUTT MAN in her Serial Killer voice)
<sean> you're writing about monkey butt loving man and the dude with a monkey butt belly button and you're worried about verb tenses?
<sean> and also LOL
<sean> you are going to have the strangest dreams tonight BA
<sean> and no, I am not writing this one and dedicating it to you
<BA> you know, one day we were rooming with Chris Owen and J and I spent an hour telling each other stories about a time travelling butt plug
<BA> and I thought she was going to explode
<sean> *cackles*
<BA> she hadn't experienced Story Time with the Freaks yet
<BA> Oh, we went to Williams Sonoma yesterday
<BA> and they had a gluten free dressing
<BA> like stuffing dressing
<BA> not ranch or italian or bleu cheese type dressing
<sean> oh cool
<BA> hey
<BA> what's your favorite dressing?
<BA> balsalmic something, yeah?
<sean> balsamic
<BA> look at me, being all right
<BA> I bought cranberry pear balsamic
<BA> omg
<BA> the joy
<sean> oil, balsamic vinegar, a touch of lemon juice, italian seasoning, cracked pepper and salt
<sean> mmmm
<BA> nods
<BA> it's good
<julia> yum
<julia> I went away on monkey butts and came back to vinaigrette
<BA> things come and go so quickly here
<BA> did I tell you my daddy's having surgery next week?
<julia> ew
<julia> poor daddy
<BA> he's only had surgery once in my whole life. Hell, I think he's only had surgery twice in HIS whole life.
<BA> every time I think about it, I get all panicky
<julia> yikes
<julia> that's all i've had
<julia> tonsils
<julia> wisdom teeth
<BA> Daddy had his appendix out and he had to have his jaw wired shut
<BA> I've had surgery 4 times
<BA> but nothing for a long time
<BA> like 25 years
<julia> That's like a billion less than some of your family
<BA> heeeeeee
<BA> at least
<BA> The bassets are in my lap
<BA> I have a Sonny and a Sadie
<BA> *pokes Sean* Are you sleeping?
<julia> ow
<julia> oh wait
<julia> that was Sean
<julia> so, what are we baking first this year
<BA> hrm
<BA> chex mix
<BA> cranberry bread
<julia> oh good idea
<julia> I lov chex mix
<julia> thank goodness chex are gluten free now
<julia> except the wheat ones ;)
<BA> *cackles*
<BA> right
<sean> sorry sorry
<sean> it's late and I fell asleep
<sean> O.o
<BA> *grins*
<BA> Are you making commentary on my sparkling wit?
 * BA hugs tight
<BA> go sleep, honey. It's LATE for you
<sean> nope, it's as sparkling as ever
<sean> it is
<BA> next week you'll be here tomorrow!
<sean> I know!
<sean> yay
<BA> :D
<BA> okay, y'all. Sleep well. Much love.
<sean> you too
<BA> *kisses*
<BA> night babe
<sean> goodnight
<julia> night y'all

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  1. Please can I come. too? BA, Sean, Julia, fire pit, roasting marshmallows and ribald stories, all on my favorites list!