Saturday, November 15, 2014

November catch-up

As usual, Saturday rolls around and I have no idea what I want to blog on CafĂ© Risque (note to self: be more organised).  So the boring life of a writer once again is dragged out of the closet (not that closet, the other closet) and blogged about. 

What am I doing?
Editing.  Ugh.  My worstest everest job.  But believe me, I need it.

I do not believe that editors actually edit much.  What they do is take away words.  Writers write words.  Editors cross them out again.

I’m in the middle of “first edits” of my new manuscript called Shawn’s Law.  My editor, with whom I have a love-hate relationship, claims the book is “another winner.”  We’ll see.  Because at the moment I hate it so much I believe I’m going to scrub my name from the cover of the book and allow it to be released without a name on it, because I just want to chuck it out the window.

However, I plough on.  I remind myself of the stages of labour and childbirth, and the point at which the mother says, “Right – I’ve had enough.  I’m going home now.” Is the point where she is in transition and the baby is imminent. 

I’m in writer’s transition.  (note to self: why do you do this?)

What am I writing?
My WIP doesn’t have a name, and it doesn’t have an ending.  That’s because I’ve written 4/5ths of the book and then editing the-art-of-crossing-out-words happened.  So I need to drag it out into the daylight – as soon as I do my editing!  Stop procrastinating Renae! 

Yes.  It sounds simple.  Finish the damn editing the-art-of-crossing-out-words and then you can write more. 

(Flashbacks of mum saying, “Finish your brussel sprouts and you can have ice cream). (note to self:  finish that frickin’ editing!)

But Davo from The Blinding Light has his own story.  Davo can’t understand why Jake would want to settle down with Patrick and have a family.  Davo swears he’s never going to be one of those gays who do makeup and clothes and girly things.  Davo swears he’s never going to be with one of those gays either.  Davo doesn’t know what has just hit him.

The next two books I have planned after this have already been started (it’s that procrastination thing).  My plan at the beginning of November was to have two of them finished by the end of the year.  I think I’ll have to dial that wish back.  Severely. (note to self: you’re only human)

Nanowrimo (the aim of writing a book in the month of November) sounds wonderful, and I signed up to attempt 50,000 words this month, but I think it is going to have to be abandoned.  We’re halfway through the month and nothing is happening with my story.  Real Life and editing the-art-of-crossing-out-words.

What am I releasing?
Oh, Lordy be!  THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!  Safe in His Arms is out on Black Friday – 28th of November.  So those who have vowed to allow retail staff their holiday, you may kick back with my book.  You can pre-order here, so you don’t even have to think about it.  It will turn up all ready for your Black Friday reading.

For those who don’t live in the US – Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.  **light bulb moment for many**  Don’t worry.  Someone had to point it out to me a couple of months back.  I’ve spent my entire life thinking that Thanksgiving was simply the last day of November.  Whoops…

Anyway (back on track Renae!) Safe is out in 13 days.  The ARCs are being distributed.  The reviewers are dissecting my baby and judging her worthy (or not) of reading.  The blogs are being prepared.  Renae is torn.  One part of my wants to crawl into hiding, but another part is telling me that no – I’m on the promo trail.  I have 13 days until release.  Must. Not. Freak. Out.

(note to self:  Must. Not. Freak. Out.)

What am I reading?
Oh, that one is easy.  Nic Starr’s latest release A Day at a Time.  I’m really enjoying it.   (note to self: Finish this!)

What am I buying?
Top of my to-buy list is Meredith Shayne’s Cutting Out

On a personal note, what am I looking forward to?
Strangely enough, Christmas.  I usually hate Christmas.  It seems like a lot of preparing and a lot of stress for a single day – which then I have to clean up after.  In the previous years, trying to fit in all the family commitments on the day has been a huge headache.  I threatened to buy tickets to another part of the country and spend Christmas away from my painful family.

But then something happened.  Last Christmas my children came down with gastro.  Badly.  I hoped it was a 24-hour bug, but in the end it went for four days – right through Christmas.  For a 4yo to not even care what was in her Christmas stocking, it meant she was sick.  I spent the evening before tiredly wrapping the last presents and making food for the following day.  My kids had to be quickly replaced in the Nativity play (there was one less sheep that year, and one of the shepherds was promoted to Wise Man status).

The morning of Christmas (6am), I put the washing machine on and washed sheets, towels and flannels from the night previous.  I disinfected buckets and cleaned surfaces in the house to hopefully stop myself getting it.  Then I rang my in-laws and told them breakfast was off.  I rang my mother and told her I wasn’t going to make Christmas that year.  I rang my sister and told her I wouldn’t be at her house for lunch.  I rang my other sister and told her to come and pick up the salads and the presents on her way past.  Yes.  Christmas was cancelled last year.

So, on reflection, I think I’m looking forward to it this year.  After 23 months without it, I can finally see the fun in Christmas again.  (note to self: start writing your Christmas card list).

What am I dreading?
The end of school.  The 18th of December is the final day.  I think the kids go back on the 2nd of February.  I’m really unsure how much writing I can squeeze in to my day if I’m finding things to occupy the children.

During the 6 weeks off school, we have two weeks of swimming lessons, a sleep over at Nanny & Poppy’s house, several playdates, and school uniform/supplies shopping.  Will Renae make it?

(note to self: stock up on craft items to keep kids busy).

Will I be organised for next week’s blog?

I think.

I hope.


(note to self: write it on your list of things to do).

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  1. I loved your two Mates books in audio. Do you know when DSP is releasing the 3rd book, In Your Eyes?