Tuesday, November 4, 2014

sparkly winged elves of spunky goodness

<Sean> Hey
 <BA> Hey doll
 <BA> J is hanging art
 <BA> because she is tall
 <Sean> heeee
 <Sean> are you otherwise unpacked and moved in?
 <BA> the house is great
 <BA> I love it
 <BA> and?
 <BA> my handyman, Ralph (yes, his name is Ralph)
 <Sean> lol
 <BA> came to see today
 <Sean> yeah?
 <BA> and he said that this was a MUCH better house
 <BA> safer
 <BA> better shape
 <BA> man, it's COLD outside
 <Sean> yay for better
 <Sean> and that you love it
 <BA> nods
 <Sean> we're cold if the wind blows
 <Sean> otherwise it's not so bad
 <BA> well, your not so bad
 <Sean> I like it
 <BA> and my not so bad are a WEE bit different
 <Sean> heeee
 <Sean> when it comes to cold, yeah
 <Sean> 10C below is not so bad if there's no wind ;)
 <BA> oh
 <BA> hey
 <BA> it was colder at 55 in Portland
 <BA> than it was at 15 here
 <Sean> nods
 <BA> because there's no humidity
 <Sean> we have the humidity here
 <Sean> but while i hate it in the summer, I can live with it in the winter
 <Sean> I think we already established I'm a freak ;)
 <BA> heeee
 <Sean> did you have a good Halloween?
 <BA> I am enjoying having a reason to wear sweaters.
 <BA> yeah. It was quiet, but nice.
 <BA> I made chili
 <BA> and cornbread
 <Sean> yum
 <BA> and I may have had a couple of beers
 <Sean> chuckles
 <Sean> beer good
 <BA> indeed
 <BA> *grins*
 <BA> I'm so ready to not think about moving -- it's like we've been doing *nothing* but thinking about it
 <Sean> yeah
 <Sean> you must be happy you're done
 <Sean> I hate the whole moving process myself
 <BA> heeee
 <BA> you've moved, what?
 <BA> once
 <BA> and I've moved 7 times
 <BA> :D
 <Sean> let's see
 <BA> I mean since we met
 <Sean> oh
 <Sean> that's different
 <Sean> yeah once
 <Sean> but that's a reaction to growing up moving all the time
 <Sean> I think
 <BA> heeeee
 <BA> nods
 <BA> I never intend to move again (HA, right?)
 <Sean> we'd moved eight times by the time I was ten
 <Sean> just don't tell the universe that and you might make it ;)
 <BA> heeeeee
 <BA> *grins* Tell me a story
 <BA> I'll start
 <Sean> tell me what you want to hear ;)
 <BA> Once upon a time
 <BA> there was a prince in a crystal castle with a huge penis that scared everyone.
 <Sean> cackles
 <Sean> until a cute fairy boy got a look at it
 <Sean> and he said, oh, crysal prince, I've never seen such a big penis, you must fuck me with it
 <Sean> but let me suck it first
 <BA> I was thinking about fairies just last night!
 <Sean> GTMA!
 <BA> I bet the crystal palaced prince was too
 <Sean> or even GMTA
 <BA> do you think fairy spunk glitters?
 <Sean> oh definitely
 <BA> yeah, but what if it worked like Tinkerbell?
 <Sean> though I bet the glitter gives it a funny texture and nobody wants to swallow
 <BA> And every time one came on you, you started flying
 <BA> oh, that's an exceptional point.
 <Sean> oh fuck, that's hillarious
 <BA> (and made me gag a little, go you)
 <Sean> LOL
 <BA> I know, right?
 <BA> Honey, I'm on the ceiling again
 <Sean> gives a whole new meaning to "making him fly"
 <Sean> and also LOL
 <BA> Also, if I were a fairy (which I'm not), I would be *totally* messing with people
 <Sean> this does not surprise me in the least
 <BA> oh, I bet poor fairies get kidnapped a lot
 <BA> used for their ejaculate
 <Sean> or they sell it on the black market
 <BA> nods
 <BA> jacking off for floaty profit
 <Sean> yes!
 <Sean> oh lord, I might have to write a wee story
 <Sean> maybe for smutty advent
 <BA> *giggles*
 <Sean> something silly and steamy
 <BA> and spunky
 <Sean> nods
 <Sean> indeed
 <BA> sparkly winged elves of spunky goodness...
 <Sean> selling off their semen to make a few bucks
 <BA> Did I tell you that Julia wrote a Christmas story and dedicated it to you and Kris Norris?
 <Sean> oh cool!
 <BA> Canadian elf lumberjacks and a dentist
 <Sean> Bwahahahaha
 <Sean> that's almost as good as glittering fairy spunk that makes you fly
 <BA> almost
 <BA> I expect a story
 <BA> dedicated to me
 <Sean> of course
 <BA> you know, that would come as quite a shock to a new lover...
 <Sean> LOL
 <Sean> It would
 <Sean> you're going to make me write this damn thing now, I can tell
 <BA> heeeee
 <BA> it's a plan
 <BA> I'll write you Coke as Santa Claus
 <Sean> oh that's a good deal
 <BA> heeeee
 <Sean> you're on
 <BA> you know Coke and Dillon love Christmas
 <Sean> yep
 <Sean>  and you know I love Coke ad Dillon
 <BA> I do
 <BA> *kisses*
 <BA> okay, honey. There's a pot of coffee calling my name and I know it's late for you
 <Sean> it is
 <BA> love you so
 <Sean> especiallywith the damn time change
 <Sean> love you too - see you next week!
 <BA> god, yes
 <BA> nods
 <BA> we'll make Julia tell us a story ;-)
 <Sean> sounds like a plan
 <BA> *waves*
 <Sean> night
 <BA> night babe :D

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