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20 Quick Questions Roundup

Last week I was all blogged out.  I couldn’t think of anything to blog about on my own author website.  My latest release Safe In His Arms has come and gone.  My next release isn’t anywhere near being released, so what shall I blog about??

One of the things that fascinates me as an individual, is how different people can be, yet still be friends.  My BFF, for example, lives a completely different life from mine.  Our tastes in men, furniture, clothes, food, music and world events completely differ.  The only thing we can agree on is literature.  We are both MAD for romances.  Yet we get along fabulously, and never (*cough cough*) run out of things to talk about.  (And our cafĂ© bills prove this!)

If friends can be different, yet friends, how different are authors from one another?  We all write in the same genre.  We all slave over keyboards.  Does that mean we are the same in other parts of our life?

So I decided to set out on a hunt – a multipurpose  hunt.  I gathered together a group of Australian M/M authors, and posed the same 20 questions at them.  We're all Australian.  All writers.  All love M/M.

So how similar are we??

(It helped also that it meant I didn’t have to blog that week on my website, plus a bunch of Australian authors got a bit of free promo from me!)

I have had 14 authors respond – you can see their individual answers here:  Those who responded were 

NR Walker, Toni Griffin, LV Lloyd, Beany Sparks, Jess Buffett, Michelle Rae, Nic Starr, NJ Nielsen, AB Gayle, LJ LaBarthe, EE Montgomery, Penny Brandon, Lisa Henry and Lisa Harris.

This is what I can tell you:

* All authors who got back to me happened to be women (so far. I’ll nudge the guys again)

*  They came from all over Australia – five from New South Wales, three from Queensland and South Australia, and one each from Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.

* Less than half knew their state’s bird emblem.  **wink**

* With fourteen random people, we could expect a large range of star signs in our mix, but actually, we had three people from Aquarius, Aries and Taurus each.  Also one each from Gemini, Leo, Libra, Virgo, Scorpio and Leo.  (Surprisingly my google searches seemed to say that Virgos are the most suited to writing).

* Everyone would prefer to attend a dinner party rather than a rave – this is a very authorly trait obviously.

* Half of my respondents identify as night owls.  Only one said they were a morning bird.

* When asked pizza, burger or Chinese, no one prefers pizza.  Two people would prefer a burger, but overwhelmingly 10 out of 14 would go Chinese.

* They had a range of favourite drinks:  coffee, tea, water, wine, hot chocolate, coke, G&T, green tea.

* They had a range of favourite ice cream flavours.

* The most favoured colour is blue, followed by green, then red.

* Eleven out of 14 would go mad if they didn’t write.

* When asked if they draw most inspiration from pictures, plots or people, four answered pictures, three answered plots and two people.

So what can I infer from this?  Not a lot, apart from if we ever get together we should have a dinner party with Chinese.  Perhaps if I analysed what each person finds the hardest and most frustrating part of writing?

The most frustrating part of writing?
Ewyn:  Editing character development.
Penny:  Not getting to the end quick enough.
AB:  Starting.
LJ:  Titles. I fail at them.
Jess:  Writing the synopsis 
Michelle:  Editing.
LV:  Editing.
Beany:  My muse PITA.
NR:  Details. The devil is in them.
Toni:  Not having enough hours in the day to get it all done.
Nic:  Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to write as there are just not enough hours in the day!
NJ:  Punctuation (I suck at it) also Synopsis & Blurbs.
Lisa Harris: Writers block without a doubt, edits coming a close second.
Lisa Henry:  Staying focussed enough to finish writing one thing instead of being distracted by shiny new ideas. My list of WIPs is out of control.


No help.  I guess I will have to expand my search and see.

Don’t forget to check out the full answers of each author on my blog:

With Christmas in less than a week, I am busy with end of year activities and present sourcing/wrapping.  So I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  Be happy.  Be safe.  (Read a book and leave an author a review as a present).

See you next week.

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