Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ask Andrew - Secondary Characters

Dear Andrew

Has there been any characters that started off as supporting characters, but then developed into a more prominent character?
Dear Dawn
Secondary Characters have morphed into more prominent characters on many occasions.  A good example is Cliff Laughton.  When I wrote Love Means... No Shame, Cliff was just Geoff's father who had passed away.  But even his absence and his loved ones reaction to it, touched me and I had to go back and write Love Means... Courage to tell Len and Cliff's story. 
Another secondary character that just had to have his story was Phillip form a Troubled Range.  He was a secondary character in two stories before he got his own.  When I started this manuscript, Phillip was actually starting to get pissed with me.  He'd been a bride's maid twice and it was his turn to be the center of attention. 
In an upcoming story, The Price, there is a secondary character, Ember.  Think calm, long dark hair, rich skin and deep eyes.  He's very zen and knows his place and what he wants.  At least he thinks he does.  Ember is getting his own story very soon because while he never raises his voice, he's starting to scream in my head. 
I almost never start out intending to write a series.  Usually I'll write the first book and then a secondary character will step up and start asking for his story.  But as you can tell, that tends to happen quite a bit. 
Hugs and Love
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