Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cereus! Ahem.

Sneaking in to steal the Sean, BA and Julia blog this week to talk about Cereus, which is near and dear to my heart.

See, I came up with Bloodrose, a paranormal nightclub, years ago. Its owner, Jonny, has (most of) his story in Belling the Cat, with a super hot cameo in An Itch to Scratch. (both at www.torquerepress.com)

But when Jonny came up with Cereus, a paranormal resort in the far western Rockies, he told me to ask BA and Sean to help me. (I listen to the voices in my head, don't you?"

Cereus: Building was born. Y'all, we had such fun, with Sean introducing Zee and Daniel, who sort of act as the hinge for the whole world. A dragon and a demon. Yum. And there were werekitty chefs and a werewolf contractor... we laughed a lot, and got into IRC channels to talk characters...

Now we're on book 4! Seriously, how does that even happen?

Werebears, demons, werewolves, and vampires dominate this one. Sexy. Funny. Sad, sometimes, when a spirit bear has lived in captivity. Did you know about spirit bears? White colored black bears only found in Canada. I had to ask Sean Michael to run with that, right?

Here are some favorite lines from the new book.

Fish poots were the worst.

So, Twister was obviously not made for stone demons.

“But, like, if he’s erect and turns to stone…”

“No.” Oh, hell, he hoped that didn’t happen, although, then he’d have his own personal dildo...

"Don't make me beat you vampire. That's for later."

He loved the word derp. The sound made him think of duckshit hitting water.

How about a wee excerpt from Spirit Bear by Sean?

It was snowing. Like whoa. Like a lot. Etu sat at the window and stared at it.

Pretty snow. Lightening's heat warmed his back.

"It is. It makes it seem like we're all alone."

Etu and me. Etu and me. Lightning sounded so pleased.

"That's right."

Lightning had finally allowed him to close the door, so there was that at least.

Lightning's warm tongue licked along his ear and there was a wave of want.

"I know, bear. Some day."


"I wish I knew."

Lightning sighed, warm air blowing over his neck.

"I'm sorry, bear. I am."

No sorry for my Etu.

"I wish I was a bear."

You would be a beautiful bear.

"Thank you. I'd be a skinny one, for sure." He snuggled in.

Mine. More and more that thought was coming from Lightning.

Etu chuckled. "And you're mine."

Yes. Lightning pressed close, heavy against his back.

"Mmm." He sighed, so pleased. So happy.

Lightning's weight seemed to shift, his fur becoming softer.

"Love you, Lightning."

"Love you, Etu." The voice was deep, husky, rough as if from misuse.

He stilled. "Bear?" Could it be?

"Etu," Lightning repeated, and a hand slid along his arm. "You are soft."

"Oh, God. Please. Please say it's real." He leaned back, feeling skin, muscles, not fur.

"I'm real, Etu." Lightning's hand took his chin and turned his head.

Oh. Oh, his bear was a beautiful man.

"Oh, my bear." Pale and broad, with a chest full of white hair, Lightning looked like he was kissed by snow. The eyes, though, those were the same. Like dark little buttons.

"Etu..." Lightning leaned in, their lips pressing together.

Oh, he moaned and pushed into the kiss. He'd fought the urge to be erect around his bear, resisted the urge to rub, but it had been getting harder and harder lately.

Long arms wrapped around him, Lightning pulling him in close.

"You shifted for me. Thank you. Thank you, love."

"Wanted you." Lightning was so warm, even as a man.

"Yes." He reached out to touch the soft belly. Tell me it's okay.

"It's okay."

Lightening pressed their lips back together again. Etu's fingers pressed flat against Lightning's belly. Lightning breathed, ab muscles flexing with it.

"So good." He moaned low, his palms aching.

"Because you're mine." The husky tone remained in Lightning's voice.

"Yes. Yes, I'm yours."

Cereus: Rescue comes out Wednesday at Torquere Press! www.torquerebooks.com . Go read it, huh?



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