Monday, December 1, 2014

Crissy's Holiday Book Recommendations (Part 2) by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! Today I have the second post from my friend Crissy on holiday book recommendations. See the first post here. Before I share her list though, I want to tell you about the holiday novella I'm most excited about - My friend Kenzie Cade's Hummingbird HouseCC

A Gentlemen’s Agreement by J. Roman

A Great Miracle Happened There by Kim Fielding

Eight Days by Cardeno C.

The Roommate by Teegan Loy

Traditions from the Heart by Bru Baker

David’s Selfie by Daisy Harris

What Can Be by Mary Calmes

Where You Lead by Mary Calmes

The Heart of Frost by Charlie Cochet

Acts of Faith by A.M. Arthur

In Another Life by Cardeno C.

Snowfall by Cameron Dane

A Collar for Christmas by AE Lawless

New York Christmas by RJ Scott

You Melted Me by Kari Gregg

I Don’t: A Christmas Wish by Kari Gregg

The Dickens with Love by Josh Lanyon

The Christmas Package by Megan Derr

Something to Believe in by Sloan Parker

Tis the Season by Lisa Worrall

The Gift by Kim Dare

Where the Lovelight Gleams by Kiera Andrews

From Out In the Cold by LA Witt

Secret Light by ZA Maxfield

The Christmas Top by Christi Snow 

And here are a few I haven’t read yet this year but I’m looking forward to: 

Dust of Snow by Indra Vaughn 

Sleigh Ride by Heidi Cullinan

The Candy Man by Amy Lane

Dreamspinner Advent 2014: Celebrate!

Unwrapping Hank by Eli Easton

Vixen’s Valor by Charlie Cochet

Comfort and Joy by Johanna Chambers, Harper Fox, L.B. Gregg, and Josh Lanyon - Out December 7th (not available for preorder…yet)

So there are some of my very favorites and my can’t waits. What are yours?

- Crissy


  1. Great list(s)...I scrolled down and read part one as well. Strange to realize that I have read a good amount of these but did not recall that they had to do with the holidays. :) Just re-read Eight Days a few days ago and I laughed and got teary as always. Thanks for compiling such a comprehensive list.

    1. I'm in awe of Crissy's book recall abilities. She's a great source of recommendations. And I'm glad you enjoyed Eight Days. :)