Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Twenty Questions

Okay, so, we’re all in the same house, so it feels weird to do a chat thing because, you know, we can just jabber. So, today?

Twenty questions!

Y’all heard me. 

Let’s go.

1. Favorite Christmas hymn

BA: Merry Christmas from the Family

Sean: O Come All Ye Faithful. Or Silent Night. Or Angels We Have Heard on High. Or...

Julia: O Little Town of Bethlehem

2. What’s your favorite kind of Christmas cookie?

Sean: I have to pick one?

BA: Jello cookies!

Julia: Golden nuggets

3. Vampires or werewolves?

BA: Vampires and werewolves!

Sean: Werewolves!

Julia: Both, humping each other.

4. Muffins or scones?

BA: Muffins

Sean: Scones

Julia: Scones

5. Pancakes or waffles?

BA: Waffles.

Julia: Waffles.

Sean: Pancakes.

6. Wrapping paper or Walmart sack?


Julia and Sean: WRAPPING PAPER!

7. Turkey or ham?

BA: Whatever’s gluten free.

Sean: Turkey

Julia: Turkey

8. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

BA: Christmas Day

Sean: Christmas Eve

Julia: Christmas Day

9. Scrabble or Cards Against Humanity?

BA: Scrabble

Julia: Scrabble

Sean: Cards Against Humanity

10. Angel or Spike?

BA: Spike.

Julia: Spike

Sean: Spike

11. Favorite color?

BA: Pink

Julia: Purple

Sean: Blue

12. Day or night?

BA: Morning

Julia: Afternoon

Sean: Night

13. Favorite Season?

BA: Spring

Julia: Autumn

Sean: Winter

14. Movies or TV?


Julia: Movies

Sean: Both

15. Sweet, salty or spicy?

BA: Salty and spicy

Julia: Sweet and spicy


16. Favorite city

BA: Glenwood Springs, CO or Austin, TX or Santa Fe, NM, or Malaga or Rome.

Sean: Heidelberg

Julia: London

17. Coffee or tea?

BA: Coffee

Julia: Coffee.

Sean: Tea.

18. Star Wars or Star Trek?

BA: Star Wars

Julia: Star Wars

Sean: I won’t choose, you can’t make me choose...

19. Favorite Dr. Who companion?

Julia: Amy Pond

BA: Donna.

Sean: Rose.

20. Sherlock or John?

Julia: John.

Sean: Both. Together. Like together, together.


:D :D :D
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