Saturday, January 31, 2015

2014 Best Debut Author

For me, 2014 goes down in the record books.  It was the year I released my first book.  And second.  And third.  And fourth.

Loving Jay was released not even 12 months ago, and really, that’s scary for me.  All the things that have happened in that small period of time!

And Loving Jay…  I had such small hopes for that book.  Really.  I mean, no one ever knows how it is going to go, but I was hoping that I would sell around 500 copies of the book, over the period of five years.   I thought I was aiming high, but you need to have a goal to reach for, don’t you?  I hoped for a couple of three star reviews, just to tell me that I didn’t suck too badly, and I would be happy.

So, when wonderful things happen regarding my book, I am completely blown away.  I thought I was aiming high, but, thanks to my wonderful readers, my little book about two guys who met on a train has won this wonderful award:

And this one:

Yes – that is correct.  The MM Romance community has voted this the best debut book for 2014.  When I look around at all the other brilliant books that debuted, I’m thrilled to have won this.  But then to be voted 3rd on Best Humorous?  Whoo hee – I’m off to buy a lotto ticket!

Then just last week Sinfully… Addicted to All Male Romance (previously Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews) announced the winners of their Reader’s Choice awards for 2014.  And something wonderful happened again:

Yes, my debut year has been phenomenal!  With four full length novel releases and one short story, I was hoping that I would “not suck”, but the love, encouragement and friendships that have grown from this year are fabulous.

So I wish to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who picked up one of my books.  YOU are the brilliant ones, and I hope you had fun.


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  1. Congratulations on your successes. Loving Jay is great and the audio book is awesome!