Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Few of our Favorite Things

<BA> boooo
 [sean] eeeek!
 [sean] ;)
 [sean] so, favorite things!
 [sean] Favorite Color?
 <BA> heee!
 [sean] purple
 <julia> uh
 <julia> turquoise
 [sean] Favorite Song?
 [sean] I know this one is unfair, but choose anyway ;)
 <BA> oh... I have lots.
 <julia> Real Good Man by Tim McGraw
 <BA> The Cowboy In Me by Tim McGraw. I sang it to Julia for our wedding.
 <julia> heee
 <julia> she did
 <julia> and that is overall btw
 [sean] that's the best answer
 <julia> today my favorite is Ain't Worth the Whiskey
 [sean] one of my all time favorites is Lighting Crashes by Live
 <julia> oh I like that one
 <julia> hee
 <julia> as long as it's not Nickelback
 <BA> my current favorite is Take Me to Church
 [sean] oh, yes, that's a new favorite
 [sean] Favorite Season?
 <BA> Spring
 <julia> Fall
 [sean] anyone who knows me, knows my answer to this one *grins*
 [sean] WINTER!!!!!!
 <BA> yes, weirdo
 <julia> weirdo
 [sean] yep ;)
 [sean] Favorite Comfort Food?
 <julia> pizza
 [sean] grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup
 [sean] and I mean the kraft singles cheese in the sandwiches -- I like all types of grilled cheese, but the kraft singles ones are the comfort food
 <julia> lol
 <julia> I haven't had those in years
 <BA> hamburgers and fries
 <julia> I think they have wheat in them
 [sean] yum
 [sean] is anyone else getting hungry?
 <BA> we're cooking bacon
 <BA> so yes
 <BA> the house smells SO GOOD
 [sean] put a couple slices on for me!
 [sean] Favorite "Fancy" Food?
 [sean] Scallops
 <BA> hrm
 <BA> Risotto, I think
 <julia> lobster
 [sean] Favorite Fairy Tale?
 <BA> I'm not particularly fancy food-wise, just give me something yummy
 <julia> well this breaks into 2 parts
 [sean] are you saying you're easy, BA?
 <julia> Disney and not
 <BA> Always. :D
 <julia> Disney-wise my favorite is the Little Mermaid
 [sean] LOL
 <julia> literature wise, Cinderella
 [sean] julia, non-disney wise my favourite it the Little Mermaid
 [sean] I love Hans Christian Anderson's version
 [sean] and no, I lie
 [sean] The Little Matchgirl (also a Hans Christian Anderson)
 <BA> for Disney (and I'm a HUGE Disney fan), my favorite is Beauty and the Beast
 <BA> and I love Paul Bunyan
 [sean] Tangled was probably my favorite Disney version fairly tale
 <BA> oh, that grossed me out
 <BA> with the whole hair thing
 <julia> she can't even watch it
 [sean] didn't like the hair?
 [sean] heeee
 <BA> I couldn't watch it
 <julia> it's like Japanese horror
 <BA> the commercials made me gag
 [sean] lol
 [sean] Favorite Timewaster?
 <julia> Facebook
 [sean] I have a jigsaw puzzle ap...
 <BA> I love that silly jigsaw puzzle thing!
 <BA> I love puzzles
 <BA> full stop
 <julia> I read magazines, too
 <BA> I play a crossword with Julia every night
 <julia> heee
 <julia> nods
 [sean] oh cool
 <BA> and a fill in puzzle
 <BA> and a jigsaw puzzle
 [sean] Favoite Time of Day?
 <BA> and a hidden object puzzle
 <BA> I'm a morning person, assuming morning starts at 8ish
 <julia> 6pm
 [sean] I'm a night owl and even if I'm sick, I start feeling better around 8pm
 <julia> just after supper when we settle in with no deadlines
 <julia> no work
 <julia> just us and the TV and some chatting
 <BA> and snuggly puppies
 <julia> yes!
 <BA> Favorite Book
 [sean] oh lord
 <julia> ack
 <julia> Borrower of the Night, by Elizabeth Peters
 [sean] Coming Through Slaughter by Michael Ondaatje
 <BA> Little Women by Alcott
 [sean] Favorite Junk Food?
 <julia> ahhhhhh
 <julia> so many
 <julia> so little time
 [sean] heeeee
 <julia> chocolate
 <julia> in all forms
 [sean] for me it used to be a coke and a bag of salt and vinegar chips
 <julia> cake, pie, cookies, raisins
 [sean] but I don't drink coke anymore and the chips just aren't the same without it
 <julia> lol
 [sean] the answer is probably still chips, though
 [sean] BA either cannot choose or is not swayed by junk food ;)
 <BA> popcorn
 <BA> just plain old popcorn
 [sean] Favorite Wierd Food?
 <BA> peanut butter and pickle sandwiches
 [sean] I don't think it's weird, but I know most of the world does -- poutine - which is fries, cheese curds and gravy
 [sean] okay, BA,you win
 <julia> LOL
 <julia> man now I want to come up with something bizarre
 [sean] I mean, you haven't given yours yet, Julia, but I'm not sure you can top that
 <julia> but I used to love Texas Toast with ketchup
 <julia> like at the steak house
 [sean] I used to make ketchup sandwiches when I was a kid
 [sean] of course, I also used to pour vinegar in a glass and drink it
 <julia> pickle juice
 <julia> BA makes me drink it when queasy
 [sean] and it helps?
 <julia> yep
 [sean] neat
 [sean] okay, my to do list is getting longer by the minute
 <julia> okay honey
 <julia> hugs
 [sean] don't do anything I wouldn't do!
 [sean] ;)
 <BA> I was cooking eggs to go with bacon
 [sean] I would do that, so you're safe
 <BA> dork
 [sean] always :)
 <BA> happy birthday week, btw
 [sean] thank you!
 <julia> waves and yes
 <julia> hippo birdie week
 [sean] ciao
 <julia> laters
 <BA> Love you!
 <BA> *waves*

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