Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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<Sean> evening all
 <BA> Hail hail, the gang's all here!
 <julia> waves
 <julia> hey y'all
 <Sean> so how was your birthday, BA?
 <julia> sleepy tonight
 <Sean> now I have the lion sleeps tonight stuck in my head, Julia
 <BA> it was nice, barring the whole being sick thing.
 <julia> heee
 <julia> sorry
 <BA> You get to have the next birthday :D
 <Sean> yeah
 <Sean> I'm almost old ;)
 <Sean> I have a banner release week this week
 <Sean> Drawing Straws: Tork on Wednesday from resplendence
 <Sean> Winter's Gift on Wednesday from torquere
 <Sean> Love Matters on Friday from totally bound
 <BA> damn, you overachiever
 <Sean> nods
 <Sean> it always seems to work like that
 <julia> and your biker thingee is number 2 on All Romance
 <Sean> if I have three releases in a month they are all the same week
 <Sean> I know!
 <Sean> hashtag my readers rock
 <julia> LOL
 <julia> I get that
 <julia> mine have made my dragon books at changeling press very popular
 <Sean> dragons!
 <BA> heeee
 <BA> wooo!
 <Sean> how many books are there in that series now, Julia?
 <julia> Four.
 <julia> Vanished is the newest
 <Sean> cool
 <julia> and then I'll start the Desert Dragon series
 <Sean> that's great :)
 <BA> I'm hoping I'll have release dates soon.
 <julia> nodnod
 <julia> you will
 <Sean> what are you waiting on release dates for, BA?
 <BA> I have a f/f YA coing out as Anne Key
 <BA> and Ever the Same from Dreamspinner
 <Sean> awesome
 <BA> and I just subbed a new paranormal to Resplendence
 <Sean> what flavor of paranormal?
 <BA> and I'm just waiting to spill my secret news about Roughstock
 <BA> this one is the start of a new series -- an alternate universe in Colorado where shifters flourish
 <BA> the first one is werewolves
 <Sean> yum werewolves
 <BA> the second will be a werebear and a wolf
 <julia> oooh
 <BA> the third is a wereraven and a weremountain lion
 <julia> I do love me some werebears
 <Sean> oh there's some fun and unusual ones there
 <julia> tell!
 <BA> nods -- this universe has an old granny wereowl
 <BA> a weremarmot
 <Sean> LOL
 <BA> a pair of twin werefoxes
 <julia> LOL
 <BA> a werecoyote
 <julia> no kitties?
 <BA> it's a goofy little world
 <BA> there's a weremountain lion
 * BA points up
 <julia> oh oops
 <BA> see?
 <julia> told you I was sleepy
 <BA> wereraven
 * BA chuckles
 <Sean> sounds like it's going to be fun
 <BA> it was fun to write
 <Sean> that's great
 * BA leans
 <BA> nods
 <julia> blinks slow
 <BA> so, have you had a decent new year?
 <Sean> I have
 <Sean> I've already blown all my resolutions
 <Sean> so I got that over with and can go on with the rest of the year ;)
 <BA> there you go
 <BA> I haven't blown one yet
 <BA> ;-)
 <julia> nope
 <julia> me either
 <julia> yay
 <Sean> good for you guys
 <BA> well, I haven't taken over the world yet
 <BA> but it's a work in progress
 <Sean> lol
 <julia> nope
 <julia> but she's hatching plans
 <Sean> beware!
 <Sean> that's dangerous
 <BA> nods
 <BA> indeed
 <BA> I need chocolate
 <julia> okay
 <julia> where
 <BA> heeeee
 <BA> I'll just grab a handful of chocolate chips
 <Sean> I want something crunchy
 <BA> mmm...chips
 <Sean> or nuts
 <BA> we actually have leftover apple pie in there
 <Sean> that's not crunchy
 <Sean> yes, I'm stuck on crunchy
 <BA> have you ever noticed that everything on TV is just odd
 <julia> BA must be feeling better
 <julia> she said everything in the house was crunchy the other day when her throat hurt so bad
 <julia> and burst into teatd
 <Sean> awwww
 <BA> nods
 <julia> tears
 <julia> O.o
 <BA> I did not burst into teatd
 <Sean> lol
 <BA> I don't think I'm sure what teatd is
 <BA> it sounds obscene, though
 <Sean> yep
 <julia> T-E-A-R-S
 <Sean> so what makes everything on TV odd?
 <BA> I assume there's a hypnotize everyone into stupidity section in the government
 <BA> it's their job to provide 'quality programming'
 <Sean> lolol
 <BA> it's easier to control us when we're brain dead
 <Sean> heeeee
 <BA> *grins*
 <BA> yeah, I know
 <BA> I'm a grumpy old goat
 <BA> it's one of my more appealing qualities
 <BA> ;)
 <Sean> cackles
 <BA> so, what are you working on right now, oh prolific one?
 <Sean> well I'm jumping on the dragon band wagon
 <Sean> I've got a millionaire and man who owes him a looooot of money
 <Sean> another one with a bdsm newbie
 <Sean> a shibari and a swak
 <BA> jesus
 <Sean> I like to have several on the go
 <BA> nods
 <BA> your several and mine are...
 <BA> vastly different
 <julia> lol
 <Sean> heeee
 <julia> yes
 <julia> sorry i think I dozed off
 <Sean> it must be that time, then
 <BA> the comatose!Julia time?
 <Sean> yep, that's the one
 <julia> yes
 <Sean> I'm gonna sign off and find my crunchy
 <julia> I'm sorry y'all
 <julia> no sparkly wit tonight
 <Sean> you'll wow us next week
  <Sean> ;)
 * BA smooches
 <Sean> waves
 <BA> love you, honey
 <Sean> night you two
 <BA> night
 <BA> :D

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