Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy Birthday and Writing Plans

First Cafe Risque chat of the new year!

<Sean> Happy New Year!
<BA> Happy New Year!
<BA> we were feeding the dogs and making coffee
<BA> :D
<Sean> cool
<Sean> I just finished supper
<BA> we're going to have our leftover blackeyed peas
<Sean> hot dogs for me
<BA> I love hot dogs
<BA> we're trying *super* hard to use our leftovers *grins*
<julia> LOL
<julia> yep
<Sean> cool
<julia> one of our goals for the year
<julia> which is not the same as resolutions
<julia> so no, BA
<julia> taking over the world does not count
<Sean> LOL
<BA> damn it
<Sean> that doesn't mean you can't, just it's not a resolution ;)
<julia> well, right
<BA> absolutely
<julia> but still, we're going for realistic
<julia> and you're very busy
<Sean> this is true
<BA> although I have to admit, I'm not feeling take-overy today. I feel like I'm catching a cold
<Sean> this is the year of the word domination, not world domination
<julia> yes
<BA> oh, I like it!
<julia> OMG our word count goal
<julia> is, uh,
<Sean> a lot?
<BA> lots
<Sean> many words
<julia> intimidating
<Sean> all the words
<julia> vast
<Sean> here's to hitting vast word goals
<julia> yes!
<julia> clinks wine glasses
<BA> and falling in love over and over
<BA> and over and over
<Sean> any stories you're particularly looking forward to working on this year?
<julia> heh
<julia> well, I have like, three Full Moon Dating stories planned
<julia> but I'm working on a mmf femme domme that I'm really proud of
<BA> I'm writing the sequel to Terms of Release right now, which rocks
<julia> ooooh
<Sean> oh man, is it as angsty as Terms of Release?
<BA> and I'm plotting out the sequel to Just Like Cats and Dogs
<julia> Sean, are you doing another special teams?
<Sean> yeah, it's on my list
<julia> eeeeeeeeee
<julia> hawt
<BA> I don't know, really. It's less angsty and more angry
<Sean> it won't be with the special teams guys though
<Sean> it'll be with a different Underground couple
<Sean> angry, huh?
<Sean> angry sex can be hot
<BA> *nods*
<BA> there's a wounded soldier and a trainer who lost both legs in a motorcycle accident
<julia> yeah
<Sean> oh wow
<BA> nods
<BA> they're interesting as hell to write
<Sean> I bet
<BA> when Sage and Win aren't taking over
<BA> O.o
<julia> LOL
<Sean> LOLOL
<julia> well, I was there when Sage and Win were being written
<julia> they're loud
<BA> nods
<Sean> gotta love the loud boys
<BA> I also have big secret news coming soon about Roughstock
<Sean> oooo secret news
<BA> soon, I promise
<Sean> :P
<Sean> *grins*
<BA> I know, I know
<Sean> I'm going to be dipping a toe into self-publishing this year
<BA> no shit?
<Sean> I'm putting out the Velvet Glove books
<Sean> and some of my older novels
<BA> cool! The VG books make me happy
<Sean> nods
<Sean> me too
<Sean> I'll do a new one this year, too
<julia> wot
<julia> no
<julia> woot
<julia> is that outdated? the woot?
<BA> oh, christ
<julia> I was told recently I need to update my slang
<Sean> probably
<julia> so I'm obsessed
<BA> an editor tells her once that she's dated in slang
<BA> and suddenly she's all "is that too old"
<Sean> the it words seem to change weekly
<BA> "Is that old"
<julia> heee
<Sean> LOL
<julia> well, I am old
<BA> "Am I a hipster?"
<BA> "Does I look like a hipster?"
<julia> hey, you don't live in Austin anymore
<julia> no more hipster
<julia> you must dress like a chola now
<BA> no, I look like an old dyke
<julia> well, yeah
<BA> oh!
<BA> OH!
<julia> with great clogs
<BA> sing happy birthday to me
<BA> my birthday is Friday
<BA> sing, dammit
<Sean> Happy Birthday to you
<Sean> Happy Birthday old dyke
<Sean> Happy Birthday to you
<Sean> ;)
<BA> thank you!
<BA> :D
<BA> no matter what, I'm still younger than both of you
<Sean> yeah, yeah
<julia> Happy Birthday!
<julia> I will order cupcakes tomorrow
<BA> :D
<BA> I have requested gluten free strawberry cupcakes
<Sean> very nice
<BA> nods
<BA> and I want chicken parmesan for supper
<julia> from the cupcake place we took you
<julia> oh
<julia> okay
<BA> and waffles for breakfast
<julia> this is new
<julia> makes lists
<Sean> LOLOL
<BA> well, I didn't know I wanted chicken parm until it came on Food Network today and I went... Oh.
<BA> Oh, yum.
<julia> yeppers
<Sean> heeeee
<julia> I do make a good GF version
<BA> nods
<BA> she doth
<julia> thank goodness for Ian's breadcrumnbs
<Sean> why do you have Ian's breadcrumbs?
<Sean> doesn't he need them?
<BA> *snorts*
<julia> you're such a dork
<julia> that was a product plug
<julia> maybe they'll give me free things
<julia> (this post not endorsed by Ians)
<BA> people in New York pay way more for things at flea markets than I would...
<BA> Yes, I'm watching Flea Market Flip
<Sean> I imagine people in New York pay way more for things, period
<BA> it's like an obsession
<BA> yeah
<BA> I forget that sometimes
<julia> heee
<julia> yes
<julia> I mean, they do the show in CA sometimes, too
<julia> and they pay a lot for stuff there, too
<BA> hell, y'all pay more up in the great white north than we do in the desert
<BA> except for water
<BA> I bet we pay more for that.
<Sean> nods
<Sean> I bet you do too
<julia> we pay less for gas
<julia> grins
<Sean> god yes
<BA> I'm already tired of weight loss company commercials, too
<julia> it's January
<julia> that and the exercise people will be on for a month
<BA> nods
<Sean> yeah
<BA> I never really considered how harmful some of that pressure was though
<BA> I have a friend with a daughter with anorexia
<Sean> some of them are fucking insulting and I wouldn't go with them just on principle
<BA> and that's a terrible stressor
<Sean> nods
<Sean> I can see that
<BA> yeah, there are a couple on tv right now that make me grrr
<Sean> nods
<julia> yeah. man that one about the snacks that played all Christmas?
<julia> screw you
<julia> I want a piece of cheese, you know?
<Sean> lol
<Sean> yeah
<BA> ;-)
<BA> we washed the car today -- the trip to Colorado made it NASTY
<julia> all that salt and sand
<BA> ew
<BA> It didn't even look red
<BA> it looked... Aggie maroon
<Sean> nods - winter is rough on cars
<Sean> LOL
<BA> totally unacceptable
 * BA leans
<Sean> we finally had winter show up again this weekend
<julia> we had a little warm up
<Sean> it's been cold but no snow
<BA> yeah? It has backed off a little here
<Sean> green damn christmas
<Sean> it just isn't right
<julia> supposed to be 55 Tuesday
<BA> we sure didn't here
<BA> it was bitter
<BA> and snowing
<Sean> that's backwards - you guys stole my white christmas
<Sean> ;)
<julia> we did!
<julia> but only because we had visitors from Texas
<Sean> lol
<BA> oh, you were just here for so long that the weather decided you were here to stay
<Sean> LOL
<BA> ;-)
<BA> okay, y'all. I'm going to take some DayQuil and watch terrible TV and knit
<julia> and I will make you tea
<BA> oh, that sounds nice
<Sean> I have a date with a hot threesome
<BA> *smooches Sean*
<julia> hugs sean
<BA> oh, that sounds fun!
<Sean> at least they're trying to be a threesome -- not as originally advertised ;)
<julia> have fun
<julia> bad boys
<BA> go play
<BA> I love you
<Sean> love you guys
<Sean> night
<BA> night, dearest
<julia> night

BA's birthday is on Friday January 9!

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  1. You guys Crack me up ... could be sitting in my house yakking! Glad new books are being written by all! Got $$ in the book jars! Just need the notification they're ready! Have a Great time & Thanks for the convo