Monday, January 19, 2015

I Tried It At Home - Peeling Garlic by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! Last week, I saw this intriguing video about a simple, clean, fast way to peel garlic. Basically you put the whole bulb in a small jar, shake, and magically the peel just falls right off. Easy, breezy, and your hands don't smell like garlic. Want to see how this went for me?

Step one: Here was my bulb of garlic:

Step two: The video said I could just toss the whole thing in the jar, but I thought I'd increase my chances of success by cutting off the base, rubbing off the flaky skin, and putting the rest in the jar. That didn't take long and I was hoping for a cleaner more successful outcome. 

Step three is the jar part. Bit of a hick-up here. Apparently my shaking was too vigorous and my hands were too slippery. (Sidenote: I'm in the midst of writing a sex scene right now so maybe it's just me, but this whole description is sounding a tad smutty.) Anyway, here's what happened to the first jar.
Step four was unexpected clean up. This step alone took this whole project out of the "time saving" realm.

Step five: New jar, garlic placed.

Step six: Shook and shook and this is what happened (note the mostly still intact, though likely bruised, garlic cloves).

Step seven: I took out the "peeled" garlic and the excess skin. The peeled garlic wasn't fully peeled so I had to finish it by hand and ended up doing the knife smash, which worked as usual.

Step eight: More shaking and maybe a bit more peeled garlic.

Step nine: I gave up, took out the garlic, did the knife smash, and put it in a jar with olive oil.

Bottom line: I broke a jar, had to sweep my kitchen, bruised my garlic, and ended up doing the same knife smash I always do. On the plus side, I got some arm exercise in late at night and I like the smell of garlic so garlic hands aren't a bad thing.

If you try this at home, share your stories, successes, and pictures in the comments. Also, if you see a kitchen idea video that claims to make life easier and you want to know if it works, send it my way. I'm game for another experiment.

I hope you have a great week.



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    1. I'm glad you think so, Sean, because the actual technique really wasn't. Or maybe the problem was the execution. :)

  2. I have one of these and it works really well which makes me wonder if ones has silicon hot pads if that would work...