Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Now that Christmas is over, what is your New Year resolution?

I love the start of the year.  The calendars are bright, new and shiny.  The diaries are all crisp and white.  I’m full of hopes and dreams.  Sometimes these last just weeks.  Others make it through several months.

Every year I make resolutions:  Professionally, financially, physically (health) and personally.  So what about this year?

This year is a new routine for me.  My youngest child hits full-time schooling in February.  **tears up**  My baby at school five days a week.  What will Mummy do??

After she stops dancing through the house, she will hopefully sit down and finish a bunch of projects.  I have a number of crafting projects I must finish.  Really.  There’s no more excuses, Renae.  First that cubbyhouse tent, then that blanket and then those stuffed toys.  Go, go, go Renae!

Then there are several stories I need to write.  That’s my professional resolution.

Last year my daily schedule was different for each day of the week – we had fortnightly playgroup, full-day school days, half-day school days, no-school-at-all days, and grandparents who promised to babysit every week but cancelled constantly.  This year I hope to implement a more rigid working schedule.  2013 was about a daily word count.  2014 was just surviving to the next day.  2015 is going to be about a number of hours put toward writing.

Because 2014 was extremely unorganised, my publishing schedule is rather light for 2015.  But that’s okay – because that gives me more time to write.  So, don’t forget about me if I don’t have a new release for a while.  I’m a-comin’ back…

Financially 2013 was extremely bad for us.  Hubby was sick and took a lot of leave from work, plus we had specialists and medicines to pay for.  We used up those savings at a scary rate. 

There is nothing worse than watching your husband suffer, all the while trying to cope with the house, children and everyday items, and on top of that dreading that next credit card bill.  Because I knew we couldn’t survive as a family if I had to find a paying job.  I thanked God for that need I had to squirrel away funds for the rainy days.  Because it was pouring in 2013.

On a financial-basis 2014 was once again surviving to the next day.  Hubby’s health improved, but was still dodgy.  We didn’t fall further into debt, but we didn’t do much about paying off the mortgage.

I cried the day my first royalty cheque cleared into my bank account.  Those were tears of relief and also of goddamn pride.  All that hard work, and now I had something to show for it.

So my aim for 2015 is not huge on the financial side of things.  It’s just rebuilding those savings we used up in 2013.

Physically I have two New Year’s resolutions.  One – don’t go crazy.  LOL.  I know this sounds silly, but after a bout with post natal depression when my daughter was born, every year I don’t fall back into that hole is a celebration. 

My second resolution for 2015 is to lose those five kilos I didn’t lose in 2014.  Or 2013.  Or 2012.  **pouts**  You see, I cope with stress be using coffee and chocolate.  I’m hoping the year’s speed bumps are little, not mountainous. 

Personally?  My resolution is to be the best person, mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend I can be.  Because if we’re trying our best, we are surely succeeding somewhere.  Now I’m making a note on my calendar for December 2015.  It says, “Look at the CafĂ© Risque post from 3rd of January.  Did you make it?”

What is your resolution?

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