Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ask Andrew - Print vs Electronic

Dear Andrew,
I wondered where you stand on the ebook debate. So many people express dismay at the proliferation of e-readers as they think they herald the demise of real books. (I collect hard copy and have shelves full of books but love the instant gratification of ebooks.) Is your opinion different as an author than as a reader? 
Thank you.
Dear Lynne
I have to say that as a reader I was an early adopter.  My first e reader was a Kindle DX that I took everywhere and once I got used to being able to carry a library of books with me wherever I wanted to go, my purchases of paper books dropped off to almost nothing.  I do still buy some books on occasion, but it isn't very often that I read a paper book any longer.  One of the things I found very early on was not only the instant gratification, but I could afford two or three electronic books for the price of a single paperback in many cases.  As a reader that's huge because I could read more and spend less.
As an author I have to say that whether a reader purchases a book electronically or in paperback, makes little difference to me.  I love all my readers and however they choose to purchase my work, I'm happy and grateful for each and every one.  What matters to be as an author is that readers are able to purchase and enjoy my work.  The medium they choose to read the story is fully up to them.  (I guess I'm a reader slut, I'll take them any way, any time, and I love them all.)
As for the demise of the paper book...  Throughout history we have receive information in many ways.  Centuries ago, books were produced by hand and took years to make one.  Then we were able to print books by machine and over time they because more available and more people learned to read.  With machines, we could mass produce books. and now we can put them in a file and deliver them instantly to whoever wants them.  The medium may change but with each innovation books and stories became more widely available to more people.  That in my opinion is a good thing. 
The paper book will be with us for some time to come, I'm sure of that.  But for me, what's important is the content and making the reader happy.  Yes there is a place in my heart for print books and I'm in no hurry to preside over their funeral, but readers will determine how they want to get their books, either electronic or print, and I'm very happy to let them decide for themselves. 
Hugs and Love
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  1. Great responses, Andrew. I don't think paper is going away because too many people love them. But ebooks are more affordable, less bulky, and reach farther and to more people. It's all good with me. And I'm a reader-slut, too. ;)

  2. I love both print and ebooks, but I love my Kindle and my new phone (has a Kindle app, lol) as I don't like toting around a book everywhere. I can't imagine going on a long trip and having to consider not just what to wear but what to read and wow, I'd need more suitcases for books than clothes with the way I love to read.
    I'm a reader slut and a reading slut ;)
    Great answer and insight, Andrew