Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ask Andrew - Sex is Funny

Dear Andrew

Sometimes sex is funny. A position just doesn't work or someone farts or falls out of bed and other situations I can't imagine. Does sex in a book always have to be a passionate joining or can it be a ridiculous failure?


Dear Becky

I agree with you.  Sometimes sex can be funny, messy, strange, and all of the above.  I remember once when we were on our honeymoon, ages ago, trying to have sex in this bed which was way too small.  Dominic ended up on the floor, I ended up with a bruised arm, and the neighbors on either side of us were none too pleased judging by the pounding on the walls.  All we could do was laugh otherwise poor Dominic's head would have exploded.  So yes, sex can be funny.  (Feel free to share your sex is funny stories.)

Now when writing sex, the kind of sex in the book depends the tone of the book and what needs to happen between the two characters.  Most often sex is used to bring the characters closer together,  cement a commitment to each other, or go along with a declaration of love.  So most of the time, comedic sex doesn't fit the story. 

However if the story is a comedy and it fits the story, then I saw go for it.  In fact there are a number of comedy stories out there. (Eric Arvin's Subsurdity comes to mind) Pick one up and see what happens.  After all, every now and then we could all use a good belly laugh.

Hugs and Love

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