Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ask Andrew - What's In a Name?

Hi Andrew

How do you decide on the names for the characters in your books?  Do you have a list of names and as you are writing decide which name will fit which personality?


Dear Mary

After writing over a hundred stories, character names are definitely becoming a bit of a struggle.  Some names can be reused while others are so definitive for their stories that I could never reuse them no matter how long ago I wrote the story.  Geoff, Eli, Sean, Red,  When I'm writing a story I try to pick a name that fits the feel I want the character to have.  It doesn't always work, but that's what I try to do.  There are times when I give the character one name to start the story and then change it later.  Dominic is sometimes very helpful with names, as well as titles.

I wish I had a list of names that I want to use, but I don't.  I sometimes think of people I meet or the names of folks I used to work with., but that well is running dry.  Sometimes I use web sites.  For example the Professional Bull Riders web site has a lot of men with unusual names.  A visit can sometimes yield interesting results.   I hate to say it, but mostly I wing it. 

Now there are exceptions.  If I am writing a character with a specific ethnicity, I will check out popular names in that language or country.  For example, when writing A Spirit Without Borders which is set in Liberia, I did extensive research on names for that country so my characters would feel authentic.  I did the same for One Good Deed and The Good Fight stories.  Sometimes alot goes into choosing a name and other times it can be easy and the perfect one appears immediately.  (Red came to me right away, so did Bull)  Either way I try to choose each character name to suit their personality. 

Hugs and love

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