Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BA YA, new releases and self-pubbing

<Sean> evening
<julia> waves
<julia> how goes?
<Sean> not bad
<Sean> how are you guys?
<BA> been one hell of a week
<BA> but we're coping
<Sean> nods
<julia> mainly I am so sore
<julia> ;)
<Sean> well I know BA lost a hard drive
<Sean> but I don't know why you're sore
<BA> nods
<Sean> what did you do?
<julia> climbed a zillion stairs
<Sean> that does not sound like fun
<julia> well, it was fun to go see Varakai
<Sean> but they made you work for it, eh?
<julia> yep
<julia> down and up, then up and down
 * BA girns
<BA> grins
<julia> I haven't done that since I broke my foot
<BA> she's getting ready for Disney
<Sean> heeee
<Sean> two weeks
<Sean> I think i'm going to have culture shock, though
<Sean> it's going to be warm, right?
<Sean> today was -39C
<Sean> with the windchill
<BA> it'll be warmer than that
<julia> it was 70F in Orlando today
<julia> at 9am
<Sean> I'm going to die
<Sean> ;)
<julia> right now it is 72
<julia> right now
<BA> heeee
<BA> it'll be SO HUMID
<Sean> yes, and that will make it worse
<julia> gosh yes
<julia> I hate to sweat
<Sean> but we're going to have fun anyway
<BA> we are going to have a BLAST
<BA> there will be ears
<BA> and laughing
<BA> and massive amounts of goofing off
<Sean> sounds great :)
<BA> and eating
<BA> I intend to eat all the food
<Sean> nods
<Sean> yes
<Sean> so I have news
<BA> yeah?
<BA> share
<Sean> nods
<Sean> I am dipping my toes into self-publishing
<BA> go team you!
<Sean> I started with Caged http://www.amazon.com/Caged-Sean-Michael-Classic-ebook/dp/B00THWL7Q8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1424184622&sr=8-1&keywords=caged+michael
<Sean> and this week I'll be doing Anything for a Byline
<BA> Caged is one intense story.
<BA> Hell, so is Anything for a Byline
<Sean> nods
<Sean> that's what I was about to say
<Sean> *grins*
<BA> are you excited?
<Sean> I am!
<Sean> I think it's cool
<julia> Very neat
<julia> we did that a while back, starting with some lesbian stuff
<BA> *giggles*
<BA> That's a great title
<Sean> LOL
<julia> self-publishing I mean
<BA> "Starting with Some Lesbian Stuff"
<julia> LOL
<BA> Hey, you never know when you're going to find the perfect title
<BA> I found one at church yesterday
<Sean> take me to church
<BA> (yes, I think about writing at church)
<BA> EEEE! I love that song.
<Sean> I know ;)
<julia> But that wasn't the title she came up with
<julia> we won't tell now
<julia> but she will when she's got it written ;)
<BA> nods
<BA> I will
<Sean> heee
<BA> because I'm good that way
<Sean> can you believe it's already midway through February?
<BA> no
<BA> nonono
<Sean> (which I started off writing as December, so if that doesn't tell you where my brain thinks the time should be...)
<BA> lord, December.
<Sean> yeah, the last two months have zoomed by like crazy
<BA> I'm not prepared for dessert, much less the passage of time
<Sean> lol
<Sean> I have to admit, I'm tired this evening
<Sean> I think it was all the sitting ;)
<BA> nods
<BA> dork
<julia> blink
<BA> go do some jumping jacks
<julia> man, y'all type fast
<julia> I'm losing the words
<julia> need chocolate, stat
<julia> oh, we did medical research today for BA's new YA
<Sean> that's the opposite of jumping jacks
<julia> BA YA
<Sean> LOL
<julia> cackles
<BA> it comes out this week
<BA> not the new one
<BA> Stealing Bases
<julia> shakes pompoms
<Sean> oh that's fantastic!
<julia> yea!
<Sean> give us a link!
<BA> http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6074
<BA> It's a good story, y'all! I swear.
<Sean> woooo
<julia> It is. I got to beta read it
<julia> softball girls in Texas
<BA> nods
<BA> In my hometown
<BA> :D
<Sean> so cool
<BA> my very first YA
<Sean> congrats :)
<BA> I'm so proud
<Sean> :)
<julia> me, too!
<julia> My latest is out on ARE and Amazon now
<julia> did I tell y'all?
<BA> and then next week my next Dreamspinner book comes out -- Ever the Same
<BA> is this the dragons?
<julia> Apparitions, from Changeling
<BA> ooh
<julia> no, this is ghostly roommate
<Sean> ghostly roommate  I love it
<BA> hot vamp/werewolf smoochies!
<Sean> you should share your url, too
<julia> http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2347
<julia> ta da
<Sean> woot
<julia> grins
<julia> I see a bunch of Sean on the front page at Changeling too
<Sean> yeah, Shibari Auction House: Tony came out last week and they're featuring the Rose & Thorne series to celebrate it http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2348
<BA> look at us, busy old writers
<BA> chugga chugga chugga
<Sean> yep
<julia> |O/
<julia> crap
<julia> I was trying for yay arms
<Sean> heeee
<julia> that looks more like BA arms
<Sean> you missed
<julia> bad shoulder
<Sean> ;)
<BA> is that what that is?
<BA> really?
<BA> yay arms?
<julia> picture me demonstrating
<julia> \O/
<Sean> heeeee
<julia> head with up arms
<BA> huh
<BA> learn something new everyday
<julia> OooooOooo
<julia> carterpillar
<julia> <spellcheck please>
<Sean> less r I think
<BA> ...oo0000000oooE
<BA> rattlesnake
<Sean> LOL
<julia> cackles
<julia> ^^o^^
<julia> bat
<BA> do y'all remember making BOOBS on your calculators when you were little?
<Sean> heeee
<Sean> yeah
<julia> yes!
<julia> I have to tell you
<julia> I have this thing for the bank
<julia> a little key fob that gives you a code to put in when you want to access this account
<julia> and it's all numbers
<julia> so the other day I was all, why did they suddenly start putting letters in the codes
 * BA looks
<BA> you were holding it upside down, weren't you?
<julia> yes
<Sean> LOL
<julia> hangs head
<BA> poor poor ditzy Julia
<BA> ;-)
<julia> I am blonde
<Sean> you only get away with that because you're her wife
<BA> nods
<BA> yep
<Sean> *grins*
<Sean> okay
<BA> :D
<Sean> I'm going to say goodnight
 * BA smooches
<BA> sleep well, honey
<BA> :D
<Sean> hugs you guys
<BA> *waves*
<BA> Love you!
<julia> night y'all

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