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Coming Soon – Shawn’s Law (with excerpt)

With every author, there has to be a spark that starts off a new book.  Sometimes it will be a song or a location.  Sometimes a situation or scenario.  Sometimes a picture of a handsome guy or maybe a not-so-handsome one.  For me, the ideas come from different places.

For Loving Jay, what came first was the character of Jay who is loosely based around a friend of mine.  For The Shearing Gun, it was the concept of a gay shearer.  For Safe in His Arms, it was the scenario of an anonymous hookup of opposites.

Then came Shawn’s Law.  I have to make really, really bad confession.  I wrote this book because I knew that people in other parts of the world are terrified of the Australian wildlife.  So I decided to put a humorous slant on the story of this guy who gets attacked by different Australian creatures.  For those who can’t stand the thought of coming to Australia because of all the dangerous, venomous, deadly, scary creatures?  This book is for you.  It has a simple message – it is very rare to die from these things, and most of the time, if you keep out of their way, they’ll keep out of yours.

Okay – so poor Shawn is bitten and stung more than once.  But newsflash – this is a HEA book – he survives!

The reason I wrote this book was to cheer myself up.  I’d just finished writing Safe in His Arms and some of those themes were dark (for me **cough**) and I was feeling mopey and yeah-yeah-whatever-depressive.  I needed some happiness.  So I created Shawn.

Shawn is a lovely guy.  He’s happy and upbeat.  He’s irrational and neurotic.  He’s gay but has never had a relationship that’s worked out.  He’s dated some losers, and then he managed to snag himself a good looking, personable guy who was interested in him – only to have that guy arrested in front of him on their coffee date.  He has no illusion about his looks – he’s short, nerdy-looking and rather… ah… curvy.  And he also has the handicap of his family – his crazy/ditsy sister and his crazy/Alzheimer’s stricken mother.  So when Harley comes into his life, he can hardly believe it.

Harley’s the kind of guy I would love to be.  He’s out to save the world, one organised protest at a time.  Nothing fazes him because he’s so laid back.  He only works to earn enough money so that he can jet off to the next world cause – the clearing of the rainforests, honour killings, human rights, AIDS.  Harley is working toward world peace – and has never come across someone like Shawn before.

The attraction between the guys is fantastic – but attraction is only one part of the equation.  They need to learn how to compromise and work with the other person, especially when one of them requires frequent first aid. 

Oh, and BONUS??  There’s a lot of naked swimming that goes on too.

Excerpt, Shawn’s Law

“Shawn,” Harley’s voice warned me. “If you don’t start stripping off in the next five seconds, I’m going to climb out of this pool and push you in. Then I am going to take off all your clothes and leave you with nothing to wear for the rest of the day while they dry.”

Still I hesitated. What did Harley see in me? It’s not like I was a sex god or anything.


Would he expect me to initiate something sexual? Did he want to make love with me?


Maybe I was just the “fat chick” of the gay world. The one he thought would be an easy lay. Which I was. He probably thought I was desperate. Which I was.


I was definitely willing to give him a blow job right then. And I was only a little bit hopeful he would give me one too.


Too? Too? Oh, sugar in a teacup. Two! How did the countdown get to two in such a hurry?


I stood up, forgetting about my erection for the moment, and shuffled off my shoes. I pulled my polo shirt over my head before I could overthink my situation. My pale white skin was blinding. I hesitated and glanced at Harley, who was lounging in the water but watching me very closely.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” came the confident reply. “You can’t leave me hanging now.”

With the word hanging, I remembered something of mine that should’ve been hanging and was not. I quickly covered my boner and blushed bright red.


“I know. I have eyes. And they’re waiting. I showed you first, so you can’t be embarrassed now.”

Flubber-hubba-bubba. Could I do this? I looked at the pool. There were about five steps to the edge. Four if I ran. I could shuck my shorts and throw myself into the relative security of the water. I would be covered in under two seconds.


Taking a deep breath, I pushed my shorts and underwear down over my erection, over my thighs, and allowed the material to drop to the ground. I left them there, threw my glasses on the table and hurried toward the pool edge. I dove in.

Okay, I admit it. Since Shawn’s Law is never too far away from me, I ran for the edge of the pool, kicked my toe on the lip of the pool edge, and fell inelegantly into the water. But at least I was in. Naked. With a naked guy I desperately wanted.

I surfaced and looked around for Harley, blinking myopically since I was now half-blind. He was grinning broadly at me from the other end of the pool.

“Now, that didn’t hurt one little bit, did it?” he chuckled.

I thought of my toe, which was throbbing from kicking it on the pool edge, my skin, which was stinging from my belly flop, and my dick, which was both stinging and throbbing from the thought of being naked with Harley. “Not much,” I admitted.

Shawn’s Law releases on Friday the 6th of March, and is currently available for pre-order from Dreamspinner (link).

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  1. This sounds great, I love animals and I always laugh loudest at the animal clips on You've Been Framed so I expect this will have me chuckling on the tube.

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